What might have been but was not to be

I have never been much of a golfer but I have often heard that  the golf course is  a great place for making deals. Business deals, movie deals, sports contracts, etc. Imagine for a moment  if  President Obama, an avid golfer, played a round  on the links with  Rush Limbaugh, also an avid golfer  and a  thorn in the Democrat side. Or as author  Zef Chafets calls him in his new book, An Army of One. 

Chafets book is coming out shortly and an excerpt was a New York paper yesterday. Last summer when the book was being written, Chafets asked Rush if he would be willing to play golf with the President. Rush sais, yes, out of respect, I would but it won’t happen. So Chafets calls Obama adviser David Axelrod, whom he knows, but  his calls were not returned. He then contacted an unnamed White House staffer and  made the proposal. Supposedly, the word came back, whether from Obama or not is a bit unclear. Limabugh can play with himself. On yesterday’s show, Rush had just a classic response. They must have me confused with Bill Clinton. I have to admit that I loved the response. 

You had to know the Obama people would never agree to such a proposal since the Democrat base would have gone nuts. But as things turned out, the Dems look  rather silly and Rush is having the last laugh. Hope the  book sells well.


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