A Cup of Cold Water

There  are very few things any more satisfying or refreshing than a  cup of cold water on  a sweltering hot day. In my neck of the woods, there have been  a bunch of those kind of days  lately. As  a letter carrier, I am out in the midst of that heat on  a daily basis, so it is crucially important to maintain an adequate supply of liquids.

I have a couple of folks on my route that are  kind enough to provide  some welcome refreshment when  I am delivering their mail. I am always very thankful for their kindness since it is something they do willingly out of the goodness of their hearts.

Their action brought a verse of scripture to mind, Mark 9:41.

                For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because of your name as followers of Christ, truly I( Jesus) say to you, he shall not lose his reward.

In New Testament days, water was  a precious commodity as it still is in that part of the world. Saudi Arabia, for example , has to obtain virtually all of its water through desalinization. So, a gift of water was a precious gift indeed. Fortunately, water is not that hard to obtain for us. But, for me, it is still  a precious and highly appreciated gift.

So, to these who give, I say, Shalom!


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A Disaster of Biblical Proportions

The devastation in Haiti is almost incomprehensible to those of us watching on television. Former NBA player Alonzo Mourning, who is there hard at work says that the pictures do not come close to accurately portraying the  magnitude of what has happened. So much tragedy and loss of life in  a country that was already suffering. Even people who were there providing through the United Nations and other agencies became victims themselves.

Many will go, but most of us cannot. We can give as we are able and in so doing enable other to provide desperately needed assistance. Choose  wisely the recipient of your donation, preferably one with whom you are familiar and who has a proven track record. The Red Cross is  a great option as is Samaritan’s Purse, located in Boone, NC and ably directed by Franklin Graham.

One interesting thing I noticed is the president announcing that the United States fund-raising effort will be jointly led by former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush. That to me is a unique and wonderful feature of our style of government. I commend them both for their willingness to serve.

Oh, by the way. There are elements of the media that are almost inexorably comparing Obama and Haiti with Bush and Katrina. Ignore it if you can  because it is totally unnecessary and misguided.

Pray for those who suffer and those who seek to aid them.


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Amazed Yet Again

As I write, it is a balmy 25 degrees, wind chill 16, in northeastern North Carolina. The sun is shining and there is a brilliant blue sky overhead. And, yes I am amazed. Why is there a blue sky overhead? How can it be so? You see, the Tar Heels fell on their sword last night down in Charleston, SC  in trying to be nice to an old friend in Bobby Cremins.

Cremins used to hang out at Georgia Tech but now coaches at the College of Charleston. Yesterday’s  Raleigh paper had a nice article about Cremins and the game, adding that there was no chance Cremins team could win last night. Shoulda seen it coming after that. Carolina had 2 starters out with injuries and their guards ended up shooting percentages equal to today’s  temps.

Yes, there were late game snafus, a miracle shot at the end of regulation, etc that should have never mattered. Did I forget to mention the 11 point lead that vanished in the last 4 minutes? How could I forget that?

I could wax eloquent and wonder what fate will befall us when the games arrive versus Duke (ugh) and others. Will  there be an ACC victory this season- sure-  How many- good question.

One last aside. On my Tar Heel collectible shelf, there stands  a soft drink bottle  commemorating the 1982 National Championship. It fell off the shelf today, all by itself. Must have been in shock.

Things will improve, right? And probably even before next season, right? Well, there is always last year to remember!

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The Olympics are Coming

Yippee – so the protesters must register, the hotels are bugged, the internet is restricted Olympics aka Bejing Olympics begin on Friday . I really dont care sad to say . I hope the American athletes do well, especially those who come from the hallowed grounds of Chapel Hill ,NC But the interest I used to have is gone. I guess the 200+ hours the NBC guys are devoting to the extravaganza are more or less a waste or they are for me . However,I do sincerely hope the President can register concerns over China’s human rights record or better said their human rights violation record . Maybe it will be worth a watch to see if the Chinese can in fact control the smog and other weather related issues as well as they seek to control their people .

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