Unexpected Musical Theology

Here is an unlikely musical combination for you . James Taylor, Petula Clark, and the Seekers . For most people under age 30 or perhaps age 40 at least two of the above artists are unknown . But all three of them have given me spiritual food for thought recently . A word of explanation. All of the above are favorites of mine and have a place in my Itunes library . I listened to them years ago and retained my enjoyment of their music . I believe that only Mr Taylor still records today . The other two date back th the 1960’s and The Seekers were enjoyed by my largely nonmusical dad . Musically , you could say they are folk or pop in style . Anyway,give a thought to these lyrics . Petula Clark sang ” The Other Man’s Grass is Always Greener ” talking about having a desire to be someone you are not and that the other person always seems to have it better than you . Message of the song , ” just be thankful for what you”ve got ” and that isnt bad theology . The Seekers actually sang overtly religious songs from time to time although ” When the Good Apples Fall ” wasnt one of them . The song speaks of a rich heiress whose father thinks money can solve anything . She reaches the painful conclusion that money cannot buy happiness- again, a good premise to remember . Finally ole James Taylor whose quirky song ” Fire and Rain ” has all sorts of thoughts floating around . What I take away in this context is the following; ” look down upon me Jesus, you’ve got to help me make a stand- just gotta see me through another day . I’m not so sure that he intended to communicate a Christian message but nevertheless it isnt too bad to depend on Jesus. So , pay attention to the words of your music ( doesnt always have to be Christian or religious ) and see what they say to you .


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