The greatest celebrity couple ever

… or they will be when, not if, they  get together.

Celebrities fascinate many of us. Even those of us, like myself, who profess not to be as interested, take notice from time to time. And, face it, they are important to the good of the country. After all, how would  People and Us magazines stay in business not to mention Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, the late night talk shows and innumerable blogs and websites.

Of course, our fascination is nothing new, but with the myriad ways to disseminate celebrity information it sure seems that way. So I  wonder in my weaker moments who are the greatest  celebrities? Bear in mind, this is totally unscientific and probably reflects some of my own biases( I know you are completely shocked by that!)  both pro and con.

For my purposes, I drew very random and  totally meaningless, almost, criteria. Who are the greatest celebrity couples? Well, there was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, a childhood favorite. There was Marilyn Monroe and fill in the blank ( probably Joe DiMaggio). We have had Elizabeth  Taylor and Richard Burton and in the minds of many the elite of the elite, Mr Pitt and Ms Jolie.

But I believe that the Couple of  couples has yet to pair up, that is with each other. They are very famous of course and each has and still has, high-profile relationships. They are of course Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney. Each is beginning to age, he better than she, I think. Just think of the headlines and star power and she could finally have revenge on Brad Pitt for dumping her. Perfect! There is one minute problem. People Magazine has a picture portfolio of Ms Aniston  that numbers  504  images while Mr Clooney  has only 280. Perhaps, that would need to be addressed.


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Train Wrecks are never a pretty sight

This holds true whether there is an actual train involved or if  one is describing  a person whose life seems to be spiraling out of control. Sadly we seem to be seeing one of the later before our very eyes in the case of Charlie Sheen. I have not followed his career all that closely although I did enjoy the  movie Major League several years ago.

Most of us are more familiar than we care to be with his bizarre behaviour of late accompanied by interviews and statements that are perhaps even more bizarre. Of  course the tabloids and celebrity magazines such as People and Us are having a field day. I  can hardly imagine the wealth of material that all this is providing for Letterman, Leno and O’Brien. Sheen is proving a gold mine for all these media outlets.

I read one quote from Sheen that basically said if I am insane I have no problem with that. This is not an act. Another one that is already becoming too popular is the reference to himself as having tiger blood. But are those statements any more disturbing in the long run that  people saying they know they shouldnt be watching this but cannot turn away? Or how about the 1 million people who become his followers on Twitter within hours after his account was opened? Are there that many folks who  care that much about what outlandish thing Sheen might do next? And if there are, why do they care?

Perhaps even more disturbing is that this latest batch of actions is something that could almost have een predicted. If one looks back at his  past actions, it is not too hard to see a pattern. Or maybe one could just have asked Denise Richards. And just think about his children. I doubt that they will say about their father what almost inexplicably Martin Sheen  said about his son, you are my hero.

One can only hope that as much as he has recently trashed programs and methods of help that Sheen will actually avail himself of competent , professional help, away from the media glare, far away. And mercifully may the third or fourth time for such treatment actually work.

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The famous of the famous

Read on USA Today, today, about something called the Celebrity Heat Index. The first thought that came to mind was that it had something to do with algore, alias the goracle. Maybe not the first thought, but up there close. Alas, there was no mention of the prophet from Tennessee but there was interesting info nonetheless.

The article or more precisely, the list refers to  the paper’s tracking of what it considers the  most popular celebrities. I am unsure of the criteria or qualifications that are used but I was immediately intrigued. As I age, I am almost amazed to learn that I am not as aware of who is “in” and who is not as I once was. This list reaffirmed that quite well.

I was pleased to note that I was familiar with the person occupying the top spot, which she has held for 4 months  in a row. That would be Sandra Bullock, formerly Mrs Jesse James and MTV smoocher of Scarlett Johansson, aka, the”smoochee.”  Also on the list for June are  Mrs and Mr Angelina Jolie, sorry Brad Pitt; the late Gary Coleman and Jennifer Aniston. Those  are the five with which I was familiar. The others were connected to the Twilight movies and various reality( actually unreality) television shows.

Beginning with January 1 the list was led by Bullock, Jolie and Pitt. Not sure what I think of this, but of the 300+ people on their list,most if not all of the Jolie -Pitt children were included. Just to prove my long-expected theory that there is an actual phenomenon of celebrity overload, I tried a number of times without success to access their all time list.

We are indeed fascinated with the comings and goings and ” doings” of the celebrities among us, both the good and the bad and even the living and the dead. Although they often complain about it and bemoan their lack of privacy, one suspects that their tune would change if far less attention were paid.

Although I do not read People and rarely watch Etertainment Tonight, I shall probably return to USA Today’s site, but only for a peek, ok?

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It Was all True or at Least Most of it was

Every day seems to bring another batch or rumor/innuendo/fact about Tiger Woods and his heretofore secret life. Some are appalled(Jasper Parnevik, who introduced Woods and his wife), some are saying it makes him more human- Joy Behar. The tabloids and the celebrity magazines; People, Us and others are seeing a gold mine, at least short-term.

There are screaming headlines about how much $ a divorce could cost. Once again, a sports icon has proven to have overestimated his immunity from scrutiny. It happened to Jordan, to Kobe Bryant and to others. Bob Molinaro wrote  a good column in today’s Virginian-Pilot newspaper about what has transpired. One thing in particular struck him. For a while, the bad publicity will hound Woods and he may even lose some  endorsement contracts. After a while, he will return to the PGA  Tour, perhaps withing  a month or so. He will sooner or later play well and will inevitably win again, perhaps even a major tournament. And, sooner than we might think all will be forgotten.

Should he be forgiven for what he calls his transgressions? That should probably be left between he and his wife. But I sure hope he learns some vitally needed lessons and that maybe someone else in his  shoes can benefit enough to not repeat this same sad story.

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What Should I Say ?

There has been an enormous outpouring of media coverage since Michael Jackson died . Magazines from  People to Us and more  have had covers and lengthy articles. Some of their coverage has been appropriate, some not so appropriate. I think of one cover in particular that showed Jackson  on a stretcher being taken to  the hospital. It made me wonder, how did they get the picture and why would they chose to publish such an invasive photo on their cover, no less? Oh yeah, money. Predictably, there  has been a big surge in record sales since his death and that will likely continue. I was talking with someone about  this the other day and he mentioned the list of highest grossing dead celebrities, a list which is typically topped by Elvis Presley. It is somewhat amazing to me to realize that many years after their death that entertainers still make large sums of money.

Forbes has been publishing such a list of the top 13 since 2001. The most recent list showed Elvis at #1 with $50 Marvin Gaye #13 with $3.5 million.There is alas, already speculation about how much money  Michael Jackson will make relative to the above referenced list. Dr Kate  Woodthorpe was quoted thusly, “We could see some kind of continuing bond with a dead pop star on a scale that has never been seen before. The question that remains at this point is whether the momentum of nostalgia can, and will, continue, or whether people’s disposable cash will quickly move on to the next big thing.” (Woodthorpe is on the faculty of The Open University, a distance learning  university founded in 1969 by the government   of the United Kingdom.)

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Style vs Substance

This is one of my favorite topics to ponder and rant about ranking right up there with why do we do the things we do . Perhaps there is even a correlation . I suppose that the most recent trigger was a magazine cover (People or Us or one of their ilk ) showing pictures of celebrities who had recently given birth . The teaser headlines and pictures lauded these individuals for having lost their baby weight so quickly and regaining their dynamic look . One picture purportedly showed a new celebrity mom just days after giving birth and looking ” fab ” thanks to her practice of yoga . Also on the cover was the seemingly obligatory photo of a celebrity and her new great look after having panned by the same or a similar magazine just weeks ago for looking so bad . Now is this important you might ask . Apparently so, for both of the aforementioned publications sell millions of issues each week . And there are others besides them as well as tv shows of a similar style . So there is a market for the gossippy, titillating , news, rumor, innuendo etc.,( not always 100% true ) about current celebs, former celebs and wannabe celebs . I am convinced that even though these folks oftentimes rail about invasions of privacy and the vicious paparazzi that many if not most would be sorely disappointed if the media glow faded away . Otherwise why do some of the totally stupid things they do if not for the simple reason that they want to be , nay, must be noticed and noticed often . I’m sure there is another post or two in me on this subject . So I will leave you with this little tidbit that dovetails nicely with the subject above . Why are there so many televised awards shows for the the inhabitants of the the entertainment world and is there an award show for award shows ?

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