Name Calling or Am I Really a Freak?

Based on a couple of things I have recently read, I am a freak, hate intellectuals and am just  downright ignorant. I may be even worse than that since those characterizations come from  just two sources. A brief elaboration on the intellectual  comment. Not only do I hate intellectuals  but I probably don’t  even want to associate   with them since there is no room for them in the Republican Party, or so says Chris Matthews. Oops,  I wasn’t supposed to mention his name. Should I  not quote him as saying that Rick Perry is  a clown?

I realize that politicians have to accept a certain level of name calling as part of the territory but I so wish that those in the media who make their living with their words, could describe a candidate or office holder without the use of epithets.  This applies to both ends of the spectrum  since both are guilty of using this tactic and I just cannot stand it. It reminds me of  one of my  #1 pet peeves, tearing down another to make oneself look good.

I could probably be  called lots of things but I am relatively  certain that freak is not one of them. That was the name applied to Rep Louie Gohmert just a few weeks ago. and it has been amplified with the word crazy among others. And, since I  like the  congressman, while not always agreeing with him, guess I am a freak by association.

So, is there a cure  for this political name calling?  I really doubt it since the practice is time-honored in American politics as far back as he days of George Washington. In fact, the names used to describe some of our  earlier presidents were generally far more creative than those used today.

In fact, if I hear another conservative  called  Nazi, I think I might have a fit. What makes  this epithet so abhorrent to me is the person using the name has got to know better, He or she has to know what Nazis did and i daresay that none of those so described have done things to equal those.

So, the next time  you see fit to “attack”  a politician, try to use an appropriate word.


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Trial Update ( Probably not the last one either)

The attorney for one of the terrorist defendants has had some interesting things to say. Thinking about what he said and reading a  comment or two from rush have switched the light on for me, I think. The attorney is  Scott  Fenstermaker and he had  this to say. The defendants will  plead not guilt but will not deny their role in the 9/11 attacks. But, they intend, according to him, to tell what happened and why. Along the way, they will share their thoughts about United States foreign policy, particularly vis-a-vis terrorism.

Now, if I am Attorney General Holder of maybe even the President, I may just like the sound of that. If U S foreign policy is “put on trial”, wonder what Administration’s foreign policy it will be? Not this one, but the Bush Administartion of course. So, and I would lik eto be wrong, rally I would, but maybe the potential for this kind of thing played into the Administration”s decision to use civilian courts, rather than the military . Another opportunity to stick it to Bush and continue to place the blame  thereon.

One side note, Congressman Louie Gohmert, R, Tx  has proposed a bill that would require terrorist defendants to be  tried before a  military tribunal. He probably knows the bill, even with 40 co-sponsors, has very little chance. But I applaud his pushing this issue  and publicly keeping the heat on the Administartion decision.

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It’s A Small World After All

I had a good little provocative post all set to write when out of the clear blue  a name from the past surfaced . When we were living in Georgia we taught Sunday school with another couple for a time . Eventually they moved on and so did we until today . I was reading an article from Human Events and they mentioned a provocative idea from a Texas congressman . Lo and behold , this gentleman was the individual with whom we taught a number of years ago . Hello from the past, Rep Louie Gohmert .

Rep Gohmert is proposing that there be a 2 month ban on federal income taxes , I like it and so do you . So contact your congressman and let he or she know of  your support .

Of course , I had to read his bio and no he didnt mention me ( Rats ! ) and als I he only accepts emails from his own constituents . Oh well. First District of Texas , support your co ngressman, Republican thankfully and even a former judge . Wonder where our paths diverged  ?

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