Congressman Alan Grayson

There are some members of Congress whose names are familiar to most people. Those would include Pelosi, Murtha, Conyers,Boehner, Kasich, Pence, William( the refrigerator) Jefferson, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Sheila  Jackson-Lee, to name a few. Some are known because of the position they hold or their  tenure or even their propensity to say nonsensical things. My representative is G K Butterfield, D, NC. As far as I know  Rep Butterfield is not widely known and does not fit into any of the preceding categories.

But, we also have another category.It seems to be occupied by only one person and that person is  Florida Democrat Alan Grayson. He is a first termer  who narrowly won election, 52%-48%. Why, one might ask is Florida’s  historically  Republican 8th district congressman well-known? Perhaps it is because he is trying very hard to live up or down to a title just bestowed on him, “The Biggest Jerk in Congress.”  Human Events  writer  Ross Kaminsky has so anointed  the congressman in an article  from February 3. I don’t know about the title. I was kinda leaning towards Al Franken, myself.

Kaminsky makes some pretty good points though. Grayson shares a profession with John Edwards and ranks as the 12th richest member of Congress and #7 in the House of Representatives. But, alas his wealth has bought him no immunity from foot-in-mouth disease or his  I never saw a Republican I did not want to attack affliction.

He has a particular disdain for Dick Cheney, likening him to a vampire and wondering if Satan did the intro for his  new book. He called Rush a” has-been hypocrite loser.” So many untrue metaphors in one sentence.  Maybe my favorite is this one since it includes me.  Fox News and the Republicans who collaborate with them are the “enemy” of America. Really. I had no idea.

At last count, there were 8 Republicans lines up to challenge Grayson this fall, I certainly hope the good people of Orlando and vicinity can find one to their liking, please.


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Good History Or Bad History?

Today, House Democrats unveiled their massive health care bill (1,990 pages worth) and Speaker Pelosi called it a historic moment. I suppose that is  a true statement. But, upon reflection, that doesn’t in and of itself make it good. After all, there is good history and there is  bad history. It is somewhat early to know which one this will be.

The President was excited about it. He called the event  another milestone in the health care reform effort. There was  a big ceremony on the steps of the Capitol which was apparently an RSVP event. You or I or just any random person could not have joined in the celebration. I watched  a couple of videos, one including  a Capitol police officer where  people  were politely but firmly told they could not enter if they weren’t on the list. One gatekeeper smilingly said that it could be viewed on C-SPAN. Another example of openness and transparency in government.

Listen to these words from Speaker Pelosi:…”covers 96 per cent of all Americans (by 2013 that is) and it puts affordable coverage in reach of uninsured and underinsured Americans, lowering health care costs for all of us.” Now, I don’t know , but that seems like quite an ambitious thing. I ould just be thrilled to get  a straight, no frills answer to this question? If I have good health care and  like  it, will it change? Being unable to ask that question of anyone in power, I shall make a guess. No! That would not be the answer but betcha you  could get good Las Vegas odds on it. While I am being completely frivolous, here  is question #2. Will the plan be deficit neutral? Alas, see above answer.

Just one more thing, you had to like Pelosi’s use of the word us, referring I guess to Congress which already has the best health care money can buy. So I hope that the Speaker and Reps Dingell and Conyers and Hoyer et. al enjoy themselves.I just worry that there are roosting chickens in this legislation that will come home to us.

Or, to put it another way. This  is  a Democrat bill, for good or bad. If it doesn’t do all that they promise it will, where will the blame fall?

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