Trying to OutHilary, Hilary?

Just so you won’t have a lack of political possibilities to worry about, I am pleased to offer another  such possibility. The good thing is that this one should be a few years in the future, I think.

The first lady has been somewhat prominent in the news of late. One day, she’s photographed on the Gulf Coast, giving a thumbs up ands encouraging people to vacation at the Gulf. There is plenty of unspoiled beach available and it would be  a great to support the folks in the region. So, where is  the  Obama family  taking its  upcoming mini-vacation? Why, glad you asked. The answer is Maine. Perhaps he has not played any of the 150 golf courses in that great state and just has a hankering to do so. 

Her other high-profile appearance this week was  at the NAACP convention. You know, the event at which the “Tea  Party” was deemed to be a racist organization and then the next day, it wasn’t ? Wondering what she had to say?

Well, the first lady was the keynote speaker at the Kansas City, MO event and she seemed just a bit disgruntled. She spoke of crumbling schools, of the high rate of imprisonment of young black Americans and that the founders would agree that the work was not done. Which founders, not the country’s, but the NAACP’s. I shall just list the names and add that it would be quite enlightening to look them up. They were Mary White Ovington, Henry Moskowitz and William English Walling. She went to say that it was not time  to rest on our laurels but  rather to increase our intensity.

Thinking  about these events , especially the second made me  wonder if there are some aspirations in Mrs Obama’s future, political aspirations to be precise. Shucks, she could very well be involved in  setting policy already, taking  a page from Hilary’s playbook. So, in 2 and 1/2 years or 6 and 1/2 years or even 10 and 1/2 years when the President  leaves office, I just wonder if another Obama will be entering the  political arena. It will be  a long-term watch but could prove interesting.


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What might have been but was not to be

I have never been much of a golfer but I have often heard that  the golf course is  a great place for making deals. Business deals, movie deals, sports contracts, etc. Imagine for a moment  if  President Obama, an avid golfer, played a round  on the links with  Rush Limbaugh, also an avid golfer  and a  thorn in the Democrat side. Or as author  Zef Chafets calls him in his new book, An Army of One. 

Chafets book is coming out shortly and an excerpt was a New York paper yesterday. Last summer when the book was being written, Chafets asked Rush if he would be willing to play golf with the President. Rush sais, yes, out of respect, I would but it won’t happen. So Chafets calls Obama adviser David Axelrod, whom he knows, but  his calls were not returned. He then contacted an unnamed White House staffer and  made the proposal. Supposedly, the word came back, whether from Obama or not is a bit unclear. Limabugh can play with himself. On yesterday’s show, Rush had just a classic response. They must have me confused with Bill Clinton. I have to admit that I loved the response. 

You had to know the Obama people would never agree to such a proposal since the Democrat base would have gone nuts. But as things turned out, the Dems look  rather silly and Rush is having the last laugh. Hope the  book sells well.

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It Was all True or at Least Most of it was

Every day seems to bring another batch or rumor/innuendo/fact about Tiger Woods and his heretofore secret life. Some are appalled(Jasper Parnevik, who introduced Woods and his wife), some are saying it makes him more human- Joy Behar. The tabloids and the celebrity magazines; People, Us and others are seeing a gold mine, at least short-term.

There are screaming headlines about how much $ a divorce could cost. Once again, a sports icon has proven to have overestimated his immunity from scrutiny. It happened to Jordan, to Kobe Bryant and to others. Bob Molinaro wrote  a good column in today’s Virginian-Pilot newspaper about what has transpired. One thing in particular struck him. For a while, the bad publicity will hound Woods and he may even lose some  endorsement contracts. After a while, he will return to the PGA  Tour, perhaps withing  a month or so. He will sooner or later play well and will inevitably win again, perhaps even a major tournament. And, sooner than we might think all will be forgotten.

Should he be forgiven for what he calls his transgressions? That should probably be left between he and his wife. But I sure hope he learns some vitally needed lessons and that maybe someone else in his  shoes can benefit enough to not repeat this same sad story.

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Do We Still Have a Vice-president ?

I was beginning to worry just  a bit since I had not heard anything from  the 47th occupant of that lofty office in a while. But as if on cue, up pops two examples of  the Biden factor. One can be characterized as political while the other is a bit harder to define. It isn’t really thuggish behavior but overly boorish and sort of amusing.

First, the political. As is possibly the case with many leading Democrats, the 2010 elections are on Biden’s mind. At this point, he is not as confident a she would like to be. His comments are from a fundraiser held on  September  21 in Greenville, De for Arizona Rep Gabrielle Giffords. A fundraiser held in Delaware for a member of Congress from Arizona. Gotta love politics. Anyway, Biden made reference to House seats currently held by Democrats but in traditional Republican districts. He said that  a loss of 35 of such seats wold doom the president’s agenda. Or in his words, “be the end of the road for what Barack and I  are trying to do.” He went on to say that the retention of those seats would bring in a real era of bipartisanship. It would  then embolden  Republicans to move away from party dictates and vote their convictions, i.e., the Administration’s way. Sorry, Mr Vice-president, you lost me there. (Biden’s comments were reported by ABC  White House reporter Karen Travers.) Depending on who is counting and what time period is used, average mid-term House losses  are around 25 seats.

Biden plays golf. Newsworthy, not unless he plays with Tiger Woods, you  might say. Well, he didn’t, but it still is and amusing as well. it happened in Las Vegas, how appropriate is that. The members only club in question is The Golf Club at South Shore and it took place a week ago today.

It seems the Mr Biden was in town for  a fund-raiser for Rep Dana Titus, D, Nv and wanted to get in a round on the links. The call  came in early Sunday morning from a Biden staffer and the PGA pro running the pro shop declined, citing the  club’s membership policy. Gotta wonder if he still has a job? Not to be deterred, another call came in and  theses words ensued,”you know the vice president would really like to play.” (Know what I mean?) Apparently the connection worked and the club reversed its decision, said membership director Mark Barrett. Biden and his people arrived about 11:00 am, played 17 holes and left. He does know that around consists of 18 holes, right?

Afterwards, Barrett could laugh about it saying it gave the club a boost of needed publicity during  a time when it could really use it. Suppose that Biden left one those economic stimulus at work signs? His score, who knows. Doesn’t what happen in Vegas stay in Vegas?

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Tom, Tiger and Turnberry

Tom Watson, 1977 British Open winner(btvision.bt.com)

Tom Watson, 1977 British Open winner(btvision.bt.com)

I know I should wait on this post, cause I don’t want to jinx the old geezer as he called himself. I just think it is the coolest thing that Tom Watson is leading the British open after 3 rounds. At 59( only a wee bit older than me)  he is the oldest player ever in this position. He has already won 5 times at the Open, most recently way back in  1983, a lifetime  ago in professional sports.

Yes, I know Tiger has already flown home. I think the  jinx stemming from  my post prior to the U S  Open is still having an effect. Tom is still there and had to cancel a commitment to do television commentary on the last 2 rounds. In the grand scheme of things, golf wise, it is a bigger story that Tiger missed only his second cut at a major since turning pro. But Watson thus far has been a great story and will be even if he does not win. On behalf of old geezers everywhere, golfer and non- golfer alike, I’m roting for “Huck Finn.”

Just remember, the course that was heavily used as an airfield in WW II was also home to the 1977 “duel in the sun” between Watson and Nicklaus, won by Watson. So, remember your history, Ailsa, and serve one more claret jug to Tom Watson.

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Tiger Or The Field?

I’m not really that much of a golfer, only played a  very few times and not in many years. And I’m not much of a golf  fan. But, like many people, I am a Tiger Woods fan. Yeah, I know, he makes a gazillion $ a year but I don’t  care. I really enjoy watching him play. Beginning Thursday, he goes for yet another major championship when the  109th U S Open begins in Farmingdale NY at Bethpage Black.

Tiger has 3 Open wins on his resume, among his total of 14 major championships, including 2008’s one-legged win. Oh yeah, he won at Bethpage in 2002. So, do you take him to win or the field? More astute golf observers than I would say to always take Tiger in a  major and I firmly agree. Even when he  loses, he is great to  watch, like talent that doesn’t come along in their sport all that often. As for the greatest ever, perhaps and perhaps not.  I think, baring further serious injury he should break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors with a bit of room to spare. But 25 majors as I  heard posited recently, doubtful.

So, if one  assumes he  breaks  the majors record with say 21, will that automatically make  him the greatest. In golf, winning majors is probably the best and most objective  measuring stick. Add that to the enormous interest he has generated in golf  and being a great ambassador for the sport, should be sufficient. After all, he has me writing about golf and I couldn’t break a 100 unless I stopped at 10 holes.

While I respect Nicklaus and his achievements, Tiger should rightfully assume his  mantle  at the appropriate time.

FYI, Phil Mickelson s probably Tiger’s chief rival at this time and has been for a while. Virtually all golf fans and most sports fans know that his wife,Amy, is battling breast cancer. Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to the Mickelsons.

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