The greatest celebrity couple ever

… or they will be when, not if, they  get together.

Celebrities fascinate many of us. Even those of us, like myself, who profess not to be as interested, take notice from time to time. And, face it, they are important to the good of the country. After all, how would  People and Us magazines stay in business not to mention Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, the late night talk shows and innumerable blogs and websites.

Of course, our fascination is nothing new, but with the myriad ways to disseminate celebrity information it sure seems that way. So I  wonder in my weaker moments who are the greatest  celebrities? Bear in mind, this is totally unscientific and probably reflects some of my own biases( I know you are completely shocked by that!)  both pro and con.

For my purposes, I drew very random and  totally meaningless, almost, criteria. Who are the greatest celebrity couples? Well, there was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, a childhood favorite. There was Marilyn Monroe and fill in the blank ( probably Joe DiMaggio). We have had Elizabeth  Taylor and Richard Burton and in the minds of many the elite of the elite, Mr Pitt and Ms Jolie.

But I believe that the Couple of  couples has yet to pair up, that is with each other. They are very famous of course and each has and still has, high-profile relationships. They are of course Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney. Each is beginning to age, he better than she, I think. Just think of the headlines and star power and she could finally have revenge on Brad Pitt for dumping her. Perfect! There is one minute problem. People Magazine has a picture portfolio of Ms Aniston  that numbers  504  images while Mr Clooney  has only 280. Perhaps, that would need to be addressed.


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Mayor Brad Pitt?

Yesterday, I alluded to whether a celebrity’s viewpoints on political or social viewpoints should affect how I view or patronize his/her body of work. There are many individuals  that one could use to illustrate that. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I often choose whether or not  to watch a program or movie starring say, Julia Roberts or George Clooney as prima facie  examples, based on their political views. Silly, perhaps, childish, also possible and maybe even nonsensical. Both Mrs THT and my son think all of these things are not only possibly true but are more than likely facts. Admittedly, these principles are not inviolate since I like Forest Gump  quite a lot. Hey, at least Gary Sinise is in it. Just recently, I visited the website for CBS Channel 3 in Philadelphia and  they were thoughtful enough  to provide a slideshow with some of  the more hardcore liberal Democrat celebrities. Now, having said all that, if they choose to be outspoken liberals, that is their right and more power to them if they feel that way. Be a bit more  consistent  I  would ask and don’t resort so strongly to personal attacks that are (opinion, here) given  more credence than they  deserve just because a person is a celebrity.  Does this work both  ways, yep. But as my good friends at  CBS3 in Philadelphia say, “Hollywood stars are generally considered to be a liberal and Democratic-leaning community.” Take notes, Sean Penn and Woody Harrelson.

Now, on to  more specifics. ubercelebrity Brad Pitt or Mr  Brad Jolie has been rumoured to interested in maybe, perhaps being mayor of New Orleans. Got the name recognition part down already. Based on an interview he did with Bill Maher recently, he has his  Democrat creds well in order.

Among other things he is pro  gay marriage and in fact understands it better than religion which according to him doesn’t make sense and doesn’t make sense for him in in the long  Surprise, something we agree on, religion doesn’t always make sense to me either. Continuing…”like gay marriage…You have a group of people telling other people how to live their lives and you can’t do that.”  There is at least one law , probably more than one that you or I don’t like or agree with that is telling us  how to live some aspect of our lives. Gotta work on those political skills , Brad. Commenting further on the marriage issue he says…”Let’s stop the nonsense.”

One more issue he touched on was marijuana. Maher also asked him about his joint rolling skills. Pitt said that yes he was an artist at that.Why did he give it up? You will love this or I did. ” I’m a dad now. You want to be alert.” Well, there you go. telling your kids how to live, really.

Hey, if you run for mayor  of New Orleans, can you get your wife to make a campaign appearance in North Carolina? Just kidding, I think.

( Info was also in a Parade magazine article.) Boy if  I find out Mark Harmon’s politics are way different from mine, am I in trouble. I know, I just won’t find out!

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The Time Magazine 100

Verrry interesting issue of Time in which it chooses the 100 most influential people in the world  and then has some other famous person write about that individual. No need to peruse the entire list, but there are some gems, both in the people on the list, who commented on them and what they said.

Onward and upward. El Rusbo (huzzah!) is present on the list and his profile is written by Glen Beck. Well done on both counts. Sarah Plain makes the list with a profile by Ann Coulter that  I found a bit lacking. Oh, but it  gets better. Who, but the Oprah could be on the list and also write a profile of someone else. The Oprah wrote a” heartfelt” tribute to Michelle ( I wear $540 tennis shoes when working with the poor and they did not come from Target) Obama. The oprah is profiled in turn by Diane Sawyer. According to one comment I read by Douglas LeBlanc of Get Religion , all but nominates the Oprah for sainthood. Read a portion of what she wrote;…” How on earth can you summarize Oprah?If she were a destination,it would be the place where joy serves the world’s greatest need.” Wow. Wouldn’t you have liked to write that in someone’s high school yearbook?

ted turner and T Boone Pickens swap tributes, how nice.Of course, Barack is there and George Clooney. How about Zac Efron(read People) , Ted Kennedy, profiled by Arnold. There may be another post or three in this list. Haven’t even gotten to Bono/Clooney or Rick Warren who is there twice or Hilary or the numerous folks with whom I need to become  more familiar. So, more to come, no doubt.

George of Clooney

George of Clooney

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The World’s Greatest Magazine Cover

I don’t at the present time subscribe to a lot of magazines, but in the course of a  week, I see a lot of magazine covers for various reasons. I believe that I can  safely say that I have seen the greatest cover ever. It has the potential to be topped but for now it is numero uno. the most recent issue of O, The Oprah Magazine had on its cover, The Oprah, who is always on the cover(seems a bit redundant, but whatever) and Michelle Obama. See, I told you it was great. The cover promoted the first White House interview with Ms Obama since the takeover, I mean election.

This partially answers a question I asked in a  previous post about the next White House celebrity sighting. But, in reality, The Oprah is probably a bit more than just a celebrity. How about an uber celebrity. We could use that term for those who by virtue of wealth, power and   name recognition are at the pinnacle of celebritydom. I know that Brad Pitt and George Clooney could very well be in that category, but let’s  not get hasty. I think ascent to uber land should take time. Give those two  guys a bit more  seasoning and they will get there, I am certain.

Come to think of it, perhaps algore is a worthy candidate. He has an Oscar, an Emmy and has been called a prophet by some. Have to give that some thought.

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And the Beat Goes On

Kudos to Sonny and Cher for the title. Unfortunately, the event to which it refers is not nearly as good as the the song. Not wanting to be scooped by George Clooney, Brad Pitt made his appearance in Washington with Nancy Pelosi- not to worry Angelina- she isn’t quite in Brad’s league.

They met to discuss and publicize his foundation, Make it Right, which is doing work in New Orleans 9th Ward. Ms Pelosi was described as giddy while Pitt was described as bored, what a shock! Well, if nothing else Madame Speaker was able to make points with her children and grandchildren.

Any predictions for the next celebrity to make a landing in Washington? Anybody seen The Oprah lately?

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Remember George Clooney

Those of you who read this blog regularly and if you don’t, shame, it is never too late to start may remember that I provided a list  of prospective Cabinet appointees for the new administration before it took office. For  those who missed it, I mused about this topic on November 15 and alas none of these folks officially made the Cabinet, yet. But, never fear, George Clooney, who I suggested as Secretary of Suave and Debonair had a private meeting on Monday night with the President and Vice-President and then proceeded to share details with the press afterward.

Good cause, probably, but betcha it wont be the last celebrity to have visiting privileges. Remember, Mr Clooney, private meeting, private meeting.

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Name That Cabinet

I have been pondering this topic for a while , even before Obama’s inevitable election . Who should serve in his cabinet ? When I heard that Hilary was being considered for Secretary of State ( along with Bill Richardson) , I felt compelled to offer my advice to the Obama transition team , as they undoubtedly are in dire need of assistance . Shucks, there isnt much time till the inauguration , so we gotta get this process moving folks .

One caveat , I havent quite decided  how to get this information to the appropriate people since I am unsure how regularly the Obama people monitor my posts .

Secretary of Suave and Debonair —  George Clooney ( no brainer choice )

Secretary of Flash and Dash ——-  The Oprah

Secretary of Ranting and Raving—– Keith Olbermann

Press Secretary or Head Cheerleader — Chris Matthews

Secretary in charge of eliminating Conservative Views –  Chuck Schumer/ Jeff Bingaman

Secretary of Attacking Business-  Henry Waxman

Treasury Secretary-  George Soros

Defense Secretary ( not that we will need one since everybody will like us )   Chuck ( Head RINO )  Hagel

Goodwill Ambassador———— Maya Angelou

Senate Liaison  ————  John  ( Of Course ) McCain

Dual Role-  U N Ambassador and Recreator of Camelot – Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

Secretary of HHS and Gloating——–Howard Dean

Co Secretaries of Nailing Republicans- Nancy Pelosi

Harry Reid

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Carter and Dukakis

A couple of our former fav Democrats have made some nonsensical statements of late . And as a service to all , I thought I would pass them along for your consideration . First up , Michael (I look funny in a tank ) Dukakis . Slight paraphrase, in referring to the 1988 presidential election, if i had beaten the ” old guy ” we would not be in this situation we are now and ” I’m sorry ” . Guess he means George H W Bush . Secondly , the ancient one, Jimmy Carter; whom I used to refer to as one of our greatest former Presidents . That still may be true if you think of his presidency . Thanks for those gas lines , they were loads of fun . Anyway, he says that he is tired of Mr McCain referring so often to his five and one-half years as a POW . For my money , a man who spent 66 months as prisoner of war camp can refer to it all he wants so let it go Mr Carter . By the way , take any sixty six months of your life and see how it impacted you . Future note , got a post coming soon, I hope on prospective cabinet officers for Mr Obama if he is elected . Hint, no, ok . These two are definite choices , George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey .

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George and Barack 0r Barack and George

So, Mr Obama now has a new ” adviser ” whose name brings chills to women everywhere, I guess. Yes, Mr Obama has his George, one George Clooney . The pro- Palestinian and admittedly left- leaning actor has become the most famous Hollywoodite supporter to the Illinois senator. Is this a good or not so good thing ? I suppose it depends on one’s perspective . On the one hand, Mr Clooney could attract support from the more liberal voter and perhaps bring along Clooney fans . On the other hand , if one desires to present a more mainstream or centrist version to the voters, Mr Clooney is not your guy . Example, be more balanced to Israel , pullout out of Iraq at once , among other things . But if Mr Obama wins he could always appoint Mr Clooney to a government job, Secretary of Suave and Debonair maybe ? And maybe there is a movie idea in there somewhere . How about , Making the name George safe for liberalism ?

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