My Second Firstborn

Technically, one cannot have two firstborns. But, one can have a firstborn daughter and a firstborn son. Today is the celebration of the the birth of that firstborn son. Yes, indeed, a quarter century ago  plus one in the “metropolis” of Columbus,Ga, we became the proud and thankful parents of a son.

Unlike our daughter’s birth(see March 8 post) there were no weather related issues.  There was however a near midnight trek to the local hospital with at least one of us expecting to be sent home. You see, we made this trip some three weeks earlier than we had been led  to expect. But, in a manner eerily prophetic of  one who has always gone his  own  way  and continues to do so, our son was ready for his grand entrance. And about 100 hours of labor later- give or take, there he was!

I really wanted to find a suitably embarrassing photo from years  gone by but alas, my completely well intentioned efforts were vetoed by his mom. And  not once, but twice.

So, from those who knew you first, happy birthday and mazel tov!

Ninja Turtles Never Forget Birthday

Ninja Turtles Never Forget Birthday


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Tales Of Christmas Past

I’d love to write a post about ghosts and visions  and Scrooge and Tiny Tim . But about all that this will have in common with A Christmas Carol is the phrase ” God bless us every one ” . My tale of Christmas Past goes back to 1982 and takes place in Columbus, Ga where we were living at the time .

i often refer to this as part of my previous life when I was employed in a textile company credit union . Being December we were extremely busy lending money and only being a 2 person operation, I was working a lot of ( unpaid ) overtime . So it was not very smart for me to get involved in a very time consuming activity since I had almost no time . But I took the plunge anyway and volunteered  to be a part of the crew for our (   First Baptist ) church’s initial presentation of The Living Christmas Tree .

Our music minister was Ron Collins who was one of the originators of the living or singing Christmas tree as it is variously termed . He was ably assisted by a choir of 70 ( of whom my wife was a member ) , an orchestra, numerous people involved in construction of the tree , lighting , sound  and technical people , costumers , dramatic people , decorators    and others I can scarcely remember . All in all , I suppose 125-150 people, some of them doing double duty .

Not being musical or terribly talented in . in  much of anything else , I ended up as one of two people running lights . We sat a small consoles at the back of the auditorium with a gentleman in between who really knew music . He coordinated our lighting  work with the music . It sounds so simple to write but simple it was not .

I could write forever i suppose but wil try to narrow things a bit . On Thursday before the first of 7 presentations that began on Friday, rehersal went until about 11 PM . I had a terribly demanding day lined up at work so as i recall, Iarrived at 5 AM and worked until 5PM at which time I raced to the church, fortunately only a few blocks away .

The electricity was definitely in the air , would things work, what would people think etc . I remember being so very nervous and not wanting to be the schmuck who messed it all up . The  choir entered in darkness , singing as they  mounted the 35 ft tall metal tree, gorgeously decorated with ornaments , lights and greenery . When the lights first came up it was as aif a collective Ohhhh arose from the crowd of 600 or so . I get chills even now remembering . It was a wonderful thing to experience , even as a small cog and I have been thankful for it ever since .


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