“Lighthouse on an Island”

I have had many thoughts over the years about Duke basketball and Mike Krzyzewski. I can not recall any involving  lighthouses or islands. He is an accomplished Hall of Fame coach and I must admit that Duke is one of college basketball’s top programs. But what about this lighthouse stuff ?

Well, as I read in a Virginian-Pilot column today by Bob Molinaro, this is a strongly held opinion held by one Bob  Knight, also a Hall of Fame coach and one time mentor of Duke’s head man. Knight went on to say( after the national championship game) that  Duke carried the” torch of integrity” for college basketball. Presumably, he was referring to how Duke wins with integrity and with players who stay in school for 4 years.

Molinaro commented that perhaps Knight’s comments were  quite possibly  a bit overblown but it sure was fun to think how hs words must have annoyed those  jealous and irrational people who do not count themselves as Duke supporters.

Now, by no means amI a Duke fan, having “bled Carolina blue” for over 50 years. Am I happy that they won? Shucks, no! Do I respect their program and their coach? Yep! But I have never believed that he invented basketball or that what he says about the sport should be received with acclamation.

My gripe with Duke, other than the actual fact of them out doing or beating Carolina, tends to be an attitudinal one. Rightly or wrongly I often think of the words smug and arrogant in regards to Duke and not just as that is often applied to winners in any sport. Perhaps it lies in their perception as being an Ivy League school that just happens to be in North Carolina and thus not just different but better than those around them.

They do a lot things right but I seem to remember a school just 8 miles down the  road from Durham, located in the “village” of Chapel Hill, that does a half way decent job as well. This year, true, not so much as usual.

Same time, next year- we will be back!


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