Feeling Global Warming?

Have you ever wished for a do over or a say over? Maybe you said something  and as soon as the words went forth, you reached out to try and  grab them? Well, I wonder if Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D, MI feels just a little like that? The Michigan senator was recently appointed to the Senate Energy Committee and perhaps to celebrate that event she made some  interesting observations to the Detroit News. as reported by Henry Payne of the Detroit News she said, ” Climate change is very real ( well, duh, it changes every day and sometimes multiple times) , Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I am flying.The storms are more volatile.We are paying the price in more hurricanes and tornadoes.” There is a lot of interesting stuff in there. But let us hone in on just one sentence- “I feel it when I am flying.” Now, admittedly, I don’t fly a lot so I cannot speak as any kind of expert. But Mrs THT just returned from a round trip flight to Atlanta and did not report feeling any global warming. A bit of turbulence perhaps, but no global warming reported.

It would be easy and  kinda fun to laugh at a statement like this and if I made it at work tomorrow, I would get some laughs or perhaps some strange looks. But, come on now, this lady is a  United States senator and is in  a  position to influence legislation that could have a dramatic effect on energy costs, legislation, etc. And she feels global warming. Somebody, say it  ain’t so.

Do you think if someone gave her the quote about if you don’t like the weather now, wait a minute  and it will change, she would even tie that in to global warming, uh, climate change?  I saw some climate change over the weekend when it rained buckets. Does that count?  Our Senators from North Carolina don’t seem to say really cool stuff like this. Should I be happy or unhappy? Just wondering. And, just one more. Is the weather a Democrat or a Republican?


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Fairness or Control

There is increasing talk about the so-called Fairness Doctrine being brought back from the ash heap of unnecessary government action. So, what is it or was it and should it come back or not? Better yet, ask who wants it and who does not.Therein may lie the real crux of the matter.

So far and this is probably not a complete list, we have a  number of individuals saying that it should probably return in one form or another. Some of the names will be more familiar than others.

  • Bill Clinton
  • Sen Debbie Stabenow,Democrat,MI(married to liberal radio guy, Tom Athans)
  • Jerry Brown,Democrat and Attorney General of the state of California
  • Sen Tom Harkin,Democrat,IA
  • Sen Jeff Bingaman,Democrat,NM
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi,Democrat,CA
  • President Barack Obama (this is maybe,kinda,sorta true, he did say not to listen to Rush)

So, we have a few members of the cast.A brief look at the Fairness Doctrine itself. In its first life, it lasted from 1949-1987 and according to Sen. Bingaman public discussion was at a higher level and more intelligent then than it is now. The doctrine required holders of broadcast licenses to present both sides of controversial issues in a way that would be considered  honest and equitable by the FCC. At the time the Fairness Doctrine was instituted there were less than 100 radio stations doing talk radio. Today there are over 2,500. With that many stations available to the listening public, t would seem a virtual certainty that there are a plenitude of viewpoints being expressed. Granted,Rush Limbaugh’s views are heard more than those by say Air America but one surmises that lack of fairness on the part of radio stations is not the reason.

So, one must wonder if there is just a bit of censorship at play here or maybe even jealousy or one of its relatives. After all, Attorney General Brown said that a little state control would not hurt anyone. I think that contrary to some opinions that they are shutting down progressive radio in city after city that rather the lack of an audience is taking care of that.

Watch this issue, I doubt it will go away.

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