Olympic Update

Just a bit of bonus Olympic coverage. The Oprah flew over with the first lady in stage one of the Obama blitz. The first lady said that it was a great sacrifice for both she and the President to make the trip. But it is for  a good, no, make that a great reason. According to her, they are doing this for the kids. Whose, have no idea. Remember , while they are there, undoubtedly there will be  a party or two, a little schmoozing, etc.

Listen to what else she said. ” Athletics is becoming a fleeting opportunity.Funds dry up so it becomes harder for kids to engage in sports, to learn how to swim, to even ride a bike. It is so important for us to raise the platform of  fitness and competition and fair play.”

I would dearly love to explain what she  said but I have very little clue as  to  what it means and even less as to what it has  to do with the Olympics. And, no telling what the President will say when  he buzzes in on Friday. He arrives on Friday and returns home  on Friday. Lotta  jet fuel being used on these trips. Sure hope some people in Chicago will profit financially from this.Oops! Maybe  I shouldn’t have said that.


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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Thank you, Snoopy, for that wonderful lead-in. Yes indeed, on that Tuesday evening a number of years ago, it was dark, stormy and cold with a threat of weather of the snowy or icy variety. So, of course, that was the day before our first child was due. But, children never come on the day the doctors say, do they? Well, yes and no, in this case yes. So, in our case, my wife was convinced that our child was going to arrive on schedule and proceeded to scurry around, doing all the myriad of things she needed  to do to prepare for an imminent trip to the hospital, which just happened to be almost 30 minutes away.

The way our house was configured, she had to go  back and forth through the den , oh, i don’t know, maybe a hundred times. Our brilliant cats, Morris and Tilley, watched these proceedings from the comfort of the sofa, only on occasion slightly turning their heads to watch a blurry figure race frantically in front of them. As for me, I went  back to sleep, assuming that nothing was going to happen. You know what is said about assumptions, I am certain. In this case, it was true. After getting ready, my darling wife awoke me again and informed me it was time to head for the hospital. I probably said,”Yes, honey, whatever  you say”, all the while thinking,we are going to look so dumb when we arrive at the hospital and find out that it is a false alarm. We did and it was not.

Approximately,ten  thousand hours or so later, our beautiful first born daughter arrived, in the middle of an ice storm,no less, starting us  on that crazy, wonderful journey of parenthood.


(No I will not tell what year it was)

By the way, the real lesson I learned in all this was to listen to my  wife before I  listened to the cats.

Morris and Tilley In Repose

Morris and Tilley In Repose

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