Listerine, Ginger Ale And Neosporin

It’s interesting to note the attachments  we have to things and examine how  we came to have them. Most of have either a favorite brand of car, of toothpaste, a university( hint, the colors are light blue and white) or any number of other products or services. Sometimes we can trace those attachments, sometimes not. And the reverse can also be true. Our major dislikes of things can often be readily traced as well.

My father was a big fan of Listerine mouthwash. He was more than willing to extol its virtues for any number of ills; sore throat or cold as well as its original use. My mother, on the other hand, was a big believer in ginger ale. Feel bad, drink this, we always have some. If I remember correctly, it had to be Canada Dry or it did not count. Similar to them, I am always willing to extol the virtues of Neosporin for cuts , scrapes, etc. We even used it to help our dog’s hurts when he was with us.

It is interesting that we still employ ginger ale today in our three collective families to  aid in curing various and sundry maladies.  My daughter has even passed the virtues down to the grandchildren. But we  are not quite  as good at always keeping it on hand. Listerine is interesting in another way. I grew in time to despise the taste while admitting the benefits. So, we kinda drifted away to first one brand, then another.When the guys at Johnson and Johnson got their act together and came up with more palatable flavors , we returned to the fold.

Without  belaboring the point, several major likes  and dislikes can be traced back to my parents. Chevrolet-yes; Ford-no . pinto beans – yes; a food which my  eastern NC born wife cannot abide yet. My sisters tell on occasion that resemble our dad, not physically, but in mannerisms( ways, the old folks called it) more and more as I age. I truly consider that  to be a compliment . They are probably not including the stubbornness and my  greater degree of  holding my opinions very, very strongly.

This is a rich vein in which to dig and perhaps it will be good to revisit at a later date and give my wife equal time. Still, I cannot help but wonder how many of our quirky ways and favs that my son and daughter’s families will adopt or have already. Truly, the  preacher wrote , “There is no new thing under the sun”.

Shalom, yall.


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