The greatest celebrity couple ever

… or they will be when, not if, they  get together.

Celebrities fascinate many of us. Even those of us, like myself, who profess not to be as interested, take notice from time to time. And, face it, they are important to the good of the country. After all, how would  People and Us magazines stay in business not to mention Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, the late night talk shows and innumerable blogs and websites.

Of course, our fascination is nothing new, but with the myriad ways to disseminate celebrity information it sure seems that way. So I  wonder in my weaker moments who are the greatest  celebrities? Bear in mind, this is totally unscientific and probably reflects some of my own biases( I know you are completely shocked by that!)  both pro and con.

For my purposes, I drew very random and  totally meaningless, almost, criteria. Who are the greatest celebrity couples? Well, there was Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, a childhood favorite. There was Marilyn Monroe and fill in the blank ( probably Joe DiMaggio). We have had Elizabeth  Taylor and Richard Burton and in the minds of many the elite of the elite, Mr Pitt and Ms Jolie.

But I believe that the Couple of  couples has yet to pair up, that is with each other. They are very famous of course and each has and still has, high-profile relationships. They are of course Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney. Each is beginning to age, he better than she, I think. Just think of the headlines and star power and she could finally have revenge on Brad Pitt for dumping her. Perfect! There is one minute problem. People Magazine has a picture portfolio of Ms Aniston  that numbers  504  images while Mr Clooney  has only 280. Perhaps, that would need to be addressed.


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The famous of the famous

Read on USA Today, today, about something called the Celebrity Heat Index. The first thought that came to mind was that it had something to do with algore, alias the goracle. Maybe not the first thought, but up there close. Alas, there was no mention of the prophet from Tennessee but there was interesting info nonetheless.

The article or more precisely, the list refers to  the paper’s tracking of what it considers the  most popular celebrities. I am unsure of the criteria or qualifications that are used but I was immediately intrigued. As I age, I am almost amazed to learn that I am not as aware of who is “in” and who is not as I once was. This list reaffirmed that quite well.

I was pleased to note that I was familiar with the person occupying the top spot, which she has held for 4 months  in a row. That would be Sandra Bullock, formerly Mrs Jesse James and MTV smoocher of Scarlett Johansson, aka, the”smoochee.”  Also on the list for June are  Mrs and Mr Angelina Jolie, sorry Brad Pitt; the late Gary Coleman and Jennifer Aniston. Those  are the five with which I was familiar. The others were connected to the Twilight movies and various reality( actually unreality) television shows.

Beginning with January 1 the list was led by Bullock, Jolie and Pitt. Not sure what I think of this, but of the 300+ people on their list,most if not all of the Jolie -Pitt children were included. Just to prove my long-expected theory that there is an actual phenomenon of celebrity overload, I tried a number of times without success to access their all time list.

We are indeed fascinated with the comings and goings and ” doings” of the celebrities among us, both the good and the bad and even the living and the dead. Although they often complain about it and bemoan their lack of privacy, one suspects that their tune would change if far less attention were paid.

Although I do not read People and rarely watch Etertainment Tonight, I shall probably return to USA Today’s site, but only for a peek, ok?

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Mayor Brad Pitt?

Yesterday, I alluded to whether a celebrity’s viewpoints on political or social viewpoints should affect how I view or patronize his/her body of work. There are many individuals  that one could use to illustrate that. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I often choose whether or not  to watch a program or movie starring say, Julia Roberts or George Clooney as prima facie  examples, based on their political views. Silly, perhaps, childish, also possible and maybe even nonsensical. Both Mrs THT and my son think all of these things are not only possibly true but are more than likely facts. Admittedly, these principles are not inviolate since I like Forest Gump  quite a lot. Hey, at least Gary Sinise is in it. Just recently, I visited the website for CBS Channel 3 in Philadelphia and  they were thoughtful enough  to provide a slideshow with some of  the more hardcore liberal Democrat celebrities. Now, having said all that, if they choose to be outspoken liberals, that is their right and more power to them if they feel that way. Be a bit more  consistent  I  would ask and don’t resort so strongly to personal attacks that are (opinion, here) given  more credence than they  deserve just because a person is a celebrity.  Does this work both  ways, yep. But as my good friends at  CBS3 in Philadelphia say, “Hollywood stars are generally considered to be a liberal and Democratic-leaning community.” Take notes, Sean Penn and Woody Harrelson.

Now, on to  more specifics. ubercelebrity Brad Pitt or Mr  Brad Jolie has been rumoured to interested in maybe, perhaps being mayor of New Orleans. Got the name recognition part down already. Based on an interview he did with Bill Maher recently, he has his  Democrat creds well in order.

Among other things he is pro  gay marriage and in fact understands it better than religion which according to him doesn’t make sense and doesn’t make sense for him in in the long  Surprise, something we agree on, religion doesn’t always make sense to me either. Continuing…”like gay marriage…You have a group of people telling other people how to live their lives and you can’t do that.”  There is at least one law , probably more than one that you or I don’t like or agree with that is telling us  how to live some aspect of our lives. Gotta work on those political skills , Brad. Commenting further on the marriage issue he says…”Let’s stop the nonsense.”

One more issue he touched on was marijuana. Maher also asked him about his joint rolling skills. Pitt said that yes he was an artist at that.Why did he give it up? You will love this or I did. ” I’m a dad now. You want to be alert.” Well, there you go. telling your kids how to live, really.

Hey, if you run for mayor  of New Orleans, can you get your wife to make a campaign appearance in North Carolina? Just kidding, I think.

( Info was also in a Parade magazine article.) Boy if  I find out Mark Harmon’s politics are way different from mine, am I in trouble. I know, I just won’t find out!

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The World’s Greatest Magazine Cover

I don’t at the present time subscribe to a lot of magazines, but in the course of a  week, I see a lot of magazine covers for various reasons. I believe that I can  safely say that I have seen the greatest cover ever. It has the potential to be topped but for now it is numero uno. the most recent issue of O, The Oprah Magazine had on its cover, The Oprah, who is always on the cover(seems a bit redundant, but whatever) and Michelle Obama. See, I told you it was great. The cover promoted the first White House interview with Ms Obama since the takeover, I mean election.

This partially answers a question I asked in a  previous post about the next White House celebrity sighting. But, in reality, The Oprah is probably a bit more than just a celebrity. How about an uber celebrity. We could use that term for those who by virtue of wealth, power and   name recognition are at the pinnacle of celebritydom. I know that Brad Pitt and George Clooney could very well be in that category, but let’s  not get hasty. I think ascent to uber land should take time. Give those two  guys a bit more  seasoning and they will get there, I am certain.

Come to think of it, perhaps algore is a worthy candidate. He has an Oscar, an Emmy and has been called a prophet by some. Have to give that some thought.

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