Time for Equal Time

Never let it be said that there is a lack of balance here. In the interest of fairness, I present the Senate version of the biggest jerk in Congress. He, like Alan Grayson, is  in his first term. He won election by a margin so narrow that it reminds one of  the “Landslide Lyndon’s ” first election to Congress way back in  1937 as  a Texas congressman. This senator won by an even narrower margin in an election that seemed to take forever until Norm Coleman saw the handwriting on the wall.

Yep, our good friend and former Air America star, Al Franken is   our choice if you want a Grayson alternative. After stating his intentions to keep a low profile, it took Franken very little time to change gears into combative mode.

How about a few examples. It is interesting to note that unlike Grayson, Franken will attack regardless of party affiliation. Just ask David Axelrod who was on the receiving end of a Franken tirade in a closed-door Democrat session about the health care bill.

This just further established big Al as one of the most aggressive senators on the Hill. In November he lashed out at Republican senators Lamar Alexander  and Bob Corker who  co authored an op-ed  defending their opposition to a Franken amendment. He went so far as to confront his colleagues on the floor of the Senate. Shades of Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson  from days gone by. He also  clashed with South Dakota Sen John Thune in what was described as  a scathing debate.

And just a few weeks ago, Franken literally hushed Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman  in the midst of  his comments. Some might think this amusing and I almost do on some level. Here is  a guy who barely won election and truth be told maybe did not win; has no  real credibility or seniorityand  was hardly even a Minnesota resident when his campaign began. This from the state of Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale and Eugene McCarthy. How things have turned.

Guess what Minnesota voters? Both you and the Senate are stuck with him for an entire term. Thanks  a lot.


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Congressman Alan Grayson

There are some members of Congress whose names are familiar to most people. Those would include Pelosi, Murtha, Conyers,Boehner, Kasich, Pence, William( the refrigerator) Jefferson, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Sheila  Jackson-Lee, to name a few. Some are known because of the position they hold or their  tenure or even their propensity to say nonsensical things. My representative is G K Butterfield, D, NC. As far as I know  Rep Butterfield is not widely known and does not fit into any of the preceding categories.

But, we also have another category.It seems to be occupied by only one person and that person is  Florida Democrat Alan Grayson. He is a first termer  who narrowly won election, 52%-48%. Why, one might ask is Florida’s  historically  Republican 8th district congressman well-known? Perhaps it is because he is trying very hard to live up or down to a title just bestowed on him, “The Biggest Jerk in Congress.”  Human Events  writer  Ross Kaminsky has so anointed  the congressman in an article  from February 3. I don’t know about the title. I was kinda leaning towards Al Franken, myself.

Kaminsky makes some pretty good points though. Grayson shares a profession with John Edwards and ranks as the 12th richest member of Congress and #7 in the House of Representatives. But, alas his wealth has bought him no immunity from foot-in-mouth disease or his  I never saw a Republican I did not want to attack affliction.

He has a particular disdain for Dick Cheney, likening him to a vampire and wondering if Satan did the intro for his  new book. He called Rush a” has-been hypocrite loser.” So many untrue metaphors in one sentence.  Maybe my favorite is this one since it includes me.  Fox News and the Republicans who collaborate with them are the “enemy” of America. Really. I had no idea.

At last count, there were 8 Republicans lines up to challenge Grayson this fall, I certainly hope the good people of Orlando and vicinity can find one to their liking, please.

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Martin Luther and Alan Grayson

Martin Luther in 1533 by Lucas Cranach ( and current political example)

Martin Luther in 1533 by Lucas Cranach ( and current political example)

I cannot believe  I just wrote that title. It is in fact one of the more unlikely pairings that I could imagine. And until just recently, totally unimaginable. For the comparison, i must thank MSNBC’S Chris Matthews. So, how are these two individuals to be compared. Rep. Grayson, D, Fl has just recently made a speech in which he said the Republican health care plan was for people to die or else get sick and die quickly. Predictably, Republicans complained, Speaker Pelosi said it was no worse than Republicans had said, etc.


There have been calls for Mr Grayson to apologize or disavow , which he has steadfastly refused to do. Heady stuff for a first termer who barely squeaked into office. He has the limelight so why not run with it. Understandable since among other things it sure improves one’s name recognition. Shucks it may even help his fundraising. This aside that is really not connected to my title, but was so interesting I couldn’t resist a mention. Commenting on the media furor about Grayson’s  comments, New York Times  writer David Brooks said it was all a “media circus”. What he said next was just  was so funny to me, although he surely did not mean it to be. Remember the circus phrase. He said that the Republicans have guys that ” I consider loons and harmful for America-Glenn Beck,Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin-all those guys…” He should know there are no loons in a circus. I  would mention that his degree is from the university of Chicago but that would be a total diversion.

Ok, on to our comparison. Matthew had Grayson on his show on Friday and started off by mentioning his being in Berlin in 1989 when the wall fell and asking his colleague, John McLaughlin how Martin Luther was able to stand against  the church, presumably referring to his nailing of the 95 theses to the church door at Wittenberg on Halloween, 1517. Matthews asked how Grayson, like Luther against the church, knew he could stand against”clowns” like Limbaugh and the Republicans. Strange on multiple levels. How Limbaugh fit  into Grayson’s  health care comments and please tell me  how did Luther make the conversation?

And Matthews  (aka Mr Tingles) calls others clowns. By the way, Rep. Grayson professes not to care if his comments cost him re-election. He jus wants to save lives. Yet another example of a sacrificing Democrat.

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This Is The Party of Compassion?

We evilllllllllll   Republicans are at it again. According to 1st term Florida congressman, Alan Grayson (landslide Alan 52-48% winner), Republicans want people to die. That is the Republican health care plan, he says. Either don’t get sick or get sick and die quickly. He quotes from a study that says some 40-45 thousand people die annually from lack of good health care. How in the world does someone verify such a number? Don’t know that you can but if the numbers suite your purposes you use them as Rep Elijah Cummings did today in an interview on MSNBC.

And just wait, there is much, much more. Many people are  familiar with  Garrison Keilor of Prairie Home Companion. He has been in declining health in recent years due to a stroke but has apparently not mellowed in his old age which isn’t all that old, just 67. Shucks,almost 40% of the Senate is at least that age or older. Keep that figure in mind.

Mr Keilor is rather crotchety about the state of political doings, specifically health care but encompassing other issues such as abortion, euthanasia, the Supreme Court.etc. Another expert preparing to sound forth, so here it comes.

He heard Minnesota Governor tim Pawlenty critiquing the education speech and apparently lost it. Keillor says in regard to republicans, “One starts to wonder if the country wouldn’t be better off without them and if Republicans  should be cut out of the health-care system entirely and simply provide with aspirin and hand sanitizer.Thirty two percent of the population identifies with the Republicans , and if we cut off health-care to them, we could  probably pay off the  deficit in short order.”

Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for publishing that uplifting article. Kinda makes yo wonder how many people agree with him and just haven’t said it aloud. You know of course, what a one party political system looks like. I think you could look at several examples; Russia, China, etc.

For the icing on te cake he went on to say these words. “Old men shouldn’t be allowed  to doze off at the switch and muck up  the works for the young who will have try to  repair the damage. Get over yourselves. Your replacements have arrived,and you should tink about them now and then. Enough with the shrieking. Pass health-care reform.”

Wonder who is dozing at the switch? Is it Byrd, Spector, Lautenberg, Feinstein? All are in the old category to which he refers.

Just hope that no one with real power believes like he does. At my age, I need  a bi tmore than aspirin and hand sanitizer, don’t you?

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GS 1600

Many of us have heard of government pay scales, known as GS. For example, an employees classifies as gs-1 makes less than a gs-2 and so on. I was trying to think of a catchy  title for a government plan to set levels of pay for all employees of certain companies.

The House Financial Services Committee is chaired by Barney Frank. This committee under his leadership is introducing a bill called ”The Pay for Performance Act of 2009″ . This legislation would place government controls on the pay of all employees of firms that have received a capital investment from the government. Even cooler, it would be retroactive.

Treasury Secretary Geithner would, by this bill, be given the power to set the pay for probably millions of people. Furthermore, he would determine  what pay is unreasonable or excessive. The bill passed the committee 38-22 with all Democrats on the committee voting aye along with Republicans Walter Jones of North Carolina and  Ed Royce of  California.

The really, really scary part of this is that if it passes, never for a minute believe that it would begin and end  just with companies receiving infusions of capital. Can you see this type of provision being used to force certain behaviours out of companies or it being  a requirement to even bid on a   government contract .

Residents of Florida may take pride in that one of their own, Rep Alan Grayson, wrote the bill. He  pontificated that no one should get rich on public money. Wonder how all those Congressmen have done  so well financially?  Oh yes, they set  their own salaries. Sweet deal if you can get it. Seems like we are getting that for which we voted, collectively speaking, of course.

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