What do you think of Food Lion?

Food Lion is the primary place for grocery shopping in our community. Almost every time I go there, I  maintain that I am not going back. To backtrack a bit, we have three Food Lion stores locally and one is not too bad, one is terrible and one is sort of in the middle. Of course, the most convenient one is the worst of the three. Admittedly, in a town our size, none of the three is that far nor are my other options, Wal-Mart (aka the evil place) and Farm Fresh.

So, my wife wonders, why do I continue to torture myself by returning to my worst option? Believe me, I wish that I knew. Other than  force of habit and proximity, there is no discernible reason.

I suppose I should at the least attempt to justify my somewhat negative feelings toward Food Lion before I mail back my MVP card, ironically one of my smaller peeves. I have come to believe that customer service is either a misnomer at Food Lion or that they just do not care. There are often too few checkout lines open and those that are  often do not have  someone available to bag one’s  groceries.  Cashiers routinely come very close to completely  ignoring the customer or they  carry on a running conversation with  someone nearby, often a non-customer.

I suppose that a case could be made that the things are irritating to me reflect the fact that my  first job was in a grocery store and if my memory serves me correctly we were held to a higher standard. But my wife is also irritated from time to time though not as regularly as I seem to be.

I have wondered if the behavior at Food Lion reflects the fact that they feel they are either the only available choice or the default choice, in a  sense, for most shoppers. Perhaps that is why that purchased the locations of a former grocery store here in town to prevent their being occupied by a competitor. Ironically, one of these sites has finally been sold and the other is on the market. This action came after along period of vacancy for these buildings.

And to help in my decision, one of other shopping options gives us old folks a small discount  at certain times. Seems that it is time to move on.


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  1. well, I’m sure you remember my comments about our local food lion and how the people at the check out and the bagger felt free to crack on me about my use of a Tar Heel shopping bag! and to tell you the truth, I really do not care whether or not they like the Tar Heels, but they do not have the right to dislike my shopping bag!!! I also agree with the fact that due to food lion being the only grocery in our area other than wal-mart, they don’t have any reason to act any nicer! But, I have a car and can drive it and often do drive to another town to shop and a Lowe’s foods, where they don’t care what shopping bag I use and they actually act as though they are glad I’m shopping there!

    Comment by Pam | September 13, 2011 | Reply

  2. Sorry bro. but I have to disagree with you because I like Food Lion instead of WalMart for my grocery shopping. This week I purchased 4 special items in order to get 15 extra box tops for education for Stoneville school. Cashier did not know what to do so I explained to her that I would check into it. I came home and called home office and they are mailing my box tops. Since I go every week, I have become first name customer with some of the workers. Sorry your visits aren’t as pleasant. Maybe they will improve.

    Comment by jpatterson | September 14, 2011 | Reply

  3. Maybe you are just nicer than I am. I am very impressed that you called the home office. Hope you dd not use my name. Ha!

    Comment by tarheeltalker | September 14, 2011 | Reply

  4. Comfort Food

    Comment by Comfort food | September 27, 2011 | Reply

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