Waiting for Irene

As most of the country knows, we on the east coast are waiting for the arrival of Hurricane Irene. She has already stirred up things prior to her arrival here and so we wait with bated breath, I guess. The weather people, both on air and online have been talking for what seems like an eternity. Where will it go, how fast is it moving, has it changed directions and so on. There is a need for information and I  am thankful we have access to more of that commodity than in years past. But, at times I have  been like one of the people living on my mail route who told me she just had to get outside and get away from the near constant coverage. And, a memo to the  weather people , screaming and gesticulating about what may happen provided no better info than a calm, reasoned approach. The aim is to not create panic, is it?

We have just about completed our storm prep. The water and the batteries and appropriate food  have  been acquired. The cars have fuel and we have a bit of $ on hand, just in case. I am waiting to fill up the tub with water, trying to squeeze in one more shower.

It was interesting to note the ongoing preparations today as I went about  my duties. There are only a few businesses with boarded up windows, 10 that I saw, and almost no residences that took this approach. I guess the most interesting and almost amusing thing I learned was about coffee. When a power outage is anticipated, one should make a  pot of coffee the night before and then heat it one cup at a time by using a match. Great idea for coffee fans such as myself.

So, now we wait and as I do, a verse comes to mind that became meaningful to me in 2003, during Hurricane Isabel.

Thou dost rule the swelling of  the sea; When its waves rise, Thou dost still them.  Psalm 89:9

To all those in the projected path,



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  1. waiting to hear the outcome for each of you. Praying for God’s protection for you and the others who are suffering from this horrible hurricane. Like the verse also.

    Comment by J Patterson | August 27, 2011 | Reply

  2. well, let me know how the reheating of the coffee with a match works! we have been praying for your safety and the safety of others that we know in your area, praying that God places a hedge around you and the family. as always, we know that He is in control and we take comfort in that. we have no effects from Irene here other than some wind gusts that are quite mild, compared to what y’all are facing. stay safe, love you!

    Comment by Pam | August 27, 2011 | Reply

  3. Power has returned for time being, am still planning to try the coffee trick though. Thx so much for prayers, mean more than we can say.

    Comment by tarheeltalker | August 27, 2011 | Reply

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