A Real Scam

We have all heard of scams via email and have maybe even sent some of those emails. Some of the ” scams” are not really scams, just a misguided albeit well-meaning attempt to tell us they are. Others are somewhat legitimate but based on many of those that have heard about are several years old.

I now can say with confidence that the information I will share is relative to  a current  scam and is legitimate. Over a period of two days we received three unsolicited text messages purportedly from Gateway Bank.( One really annoyed me since it woke me up!) These messages informed us that our Gateway Bank debit card had been deactivated and even provided the first 4 digits of the card and a number for us to call. The problem with all that is that we do not have such a card nor have we ever.

After the third I began to get a bit miffed but still had no clue-duh- what was happening. I went online  to the Gateway website and lo, and behold  learned there were nefarious things occurring. The warning admonished those receiving the texts to not return the calls nor to give out the account number. Hopefully there were few if any victims. I am still rather curious about why we got the texts unless kind of mass text message. I trust that the Gateway fraud folks will find out what happened.

All of this is yet another wonderful example of  the seamy side of technology and how it can be used for  good or bad. Good lesson for all. Never give one’s  card number or pin to an unsolicited caller. Ever!!!


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