Spinning a Yarn-Textile Style


My Dad explaining his job as a warper tender-from 1940s or 50s

The majority of my working life was spent  in the textile industry, although not actually in the plant. However, during  a span of several years. I worked next to 2 of our plants and visited the plants from time to time.

As is the case with almost all the textile industry in the United States, my company ( Fieldcrest Mills to Fieldcrest Cannon to Pillowtex)  is no more, having bit the dust in 2003 via the bankruptcy courts. The plants were scattered all over the southeastern U. S. but primarily in North Carolina, are no more.

This is still a bit poignant for me since  several my family members were employed at the company at one time or another, including my parents who were production workers in the Fieldcrest Mills Blanket Mill for  many years.

What is quite interesting to me is  that  the company is gone but the brand names live on, having ben purchased by various entities. One in particular  that comes readily to mind is Royal Velvet. I suppose that it would be correct to say that it was the flagship brand of the Bed and Bath Division. The towels sold under the Royal Velvet name were made in  aslant located in the small Virginia town of Fieldale. To say that this was a quality product would be a bit of an understatement. We are still using Royal Velvet products that were  purchased a number of years ago. The irony to me is that to get a towel equal in quality today, one would be required to spend a significant amount of money. The same holds true for bedding products( sheets, comforters, etc) .

Now, about all the former textile giants have in common is bankruptcy and imploded plants. But, as do many others, I remember some of those days when cotton went from the Card Room  to the Spinning Room to Yarn Preparation ( where my parents worked)  and finally to the Weave Room where a recognizable product surfaced.

It is in truth an industry that is gone but that will always be with us.


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  1. I,too, still have many products that were produced by Fieldcrest, towels and sheets, and these products are still in very good shape. Some of my towels, that we still use, were carried by me to college in 1976! I remember well my years spend working in the Fieldcrest Store and selling those Royal Velvet products. I can also remember how excited I was when I got to work in the firsts section, rather than the seconds or irregulars. The front entry was truly beautiful or it seemed that way to me, with it’s chandelier, beds all made so beautifully and everything arranged by color and style. I miss that store and the people that worked there. It seems strange to see Fieldcrest products carried in other stores, just not the same as buying it at the Fieldcrest Store!

    Comment by pshope | March 7, 2011 | Reply

  2. Forgot you worked at The store! What i also forgot that we still have a comforter that Laura’s mom bought in 1970, one for her and one for her roomie! Truth is stranger than fact!

    Comment by tarheeltalker | March 8, 2011 | Reply

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