Eli’s Coming( and Howard and Nancy and Harry etc)

Caught a headline in the News&Observer today that was very attention-getting. Said headline announced that the great state of North Carolina and Charlotte in particular will host the 2012  national convention for the Democrat Party. On some levels this is  a really big deal. The economic impact will be considerable and Charlotte will have quite  a prominent place on the national stage. Considering that these conventions are typically held in cities such as Boston, New York, Chicago  Los Angeles, Charlotte’s win had to be  a surprise/shock to many.

A press release from the first lady announced that this 46th edition of the Democrats lovefest ( except for 1968) would be called The People’s Convention, yawn. More interesting though was her praise of a signature North Carolina delicacy, good ole barbecue. Wait a  minute. How could barbecue possibly fit into her healthy eating plan for us all. Because, there is just no such thing as fat free barbecue. Cannot wait to hear the spin on that one.

The convention is set for the week of September 3, ironically beginning on Labor Day. I trust that all affected football teams, college and professional have ben notified so their schedules can be adjusted as necessary.

I almost regret that I no longer live in the Charlotte area. Just think, I would  have been a scant 45 minutes away from Democrat royalty. So welcome  the President and his party, show them some good southern hospitality and give them  a few lovely parting gifts.

Has algore approved the weather or can he do that in advance? Just wondering.



February 2, 2011 - Posted by | Media, Politics

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