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You have on some level got to love the Juan Williams fiasco. Any situation that makes FOX look more even-handed than NPR just pleases me  no end. Basic business school ethics should tell you not to fire someone over the phone, especially someone who has  a media  platform where they can discuss it. Saw  a brief clip on CNN this morning and even they not even defend the firing much less the way in which it was handled.

Now, after a few days one might expect a mea culpa or two from NPR chief Vivian Schiller. And, lo and behold there was one. But that communication did not go to Mr Williams. Instead she sent an apology to NPR staffers and sent a letter to NPR stations. Cannot imagine why she apologized to them unless it was  to say sorry for no advance notice or for not firing Williams sooner. By the way, Williams said he had not been contacted by NPR while Ms Schiller said she had tried to do just that. Allow me to help her out  a bit. He is full-time at FOX now with a bit larger paycheck and no one telling him to hide his employer’s name when is on camera.

I suppose one could make the case that he is an individual for whom hope and change($) has worked out just fine.


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    Dark humor involving a bird, a wind turbine, and funny music

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