Don’t Tell Me What to Eat!!!!

They are at it again, by they I mean the food police. In this they are represented by Michelle Obama who is continuing her crusade to dictate what people should eat or not eat. I have no problem with people being encouraged to eat healthy or make healthy choices when they purchase food. But her ongoing efforts seem to have proceeded far beyond encouraging and are perilously close to being dictates.

The First Lady spoke  to the National Restaurant Association today and  “encouraged” them to make healthy eating easier. How to do this? Well, cut down on the butter and cream when they cook, make vegetables the default side dish on children’ s meals ( no nasty fries for the little ones, although it is one of her guilty pleasures) and just make easier for parents to make the  right choices for their children. And don’t bury those healthy choice items on the menu so no one can find them. Most of her speech seemed  to be aimed at childhood obesity. Guess the theory is to stop obesity early and adult obesity will be well on the way to being conquered.

This next is  a quote. “We have to do more, we have to go farther, and we need your help to lead this effort.” Now a bit of analysis. We know that the they in that statement was her audience of restaurant execs. What has me  puzzled is the identity of the  “we” in her statement. Could it be the Democrats, the food police, those who know what’s best for you even when you do not? I just cannot decide. Go farther how, actually tell you what you can eat, only at  a restaurant of course? They can’t do that, they won’t do that. Don’t bet on it.

Better yet, couldn’t she first focus on getting her husband to stop  smoking? It is far more dangerous is it not? Wonder who she considers more dangerous, McDonald’s or Wendy’s? You know that fast food establishments are one of the most  evil entities in our country. I have read the statement from a couple of sources ( and I fervently hope that both sources were  not serious) that  McDonald’s has killed more people than terrorists.


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  1. Check this out Tarheeltalker, it’s shows the kind of people supporting Obama and his agenda…they don’t even know why they support him! Also note that they are riding in school buses own by the taxpayers!


    Comment by goodtimepolitics | September 22, 2010 | Reply

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