Our Moment of Silence

Today is as we know all too well, the 9th  year since the tragedies of 9/11/2001. There were many observations of that day, the president of course, others  involving people who were profoundly affected by that day and then those  by others like me, simply  paying their respects. At 8:45  am today, as is the norm  there was  a  substantial amount of noise at my place of employment.. There were various conversations taking place, machinery in operation and any number of routine noise making events that we take for granted. Suffice to say that we almost never have complete silence.

But today, at 8:46 am, for a moment, there was complete silence. For some reason, I was quite affected, perhaps  because  it was the  subdued sounding of the alarm on my watch that indicated for me, even before the “official” announcement, that it was time for quiet. I was quite glad that all complied in the observance. I remarked to someone afterward how really quiet it seemed as opposed to the norm. The ” Sound of Silence”  it was!

I hope that our annual observances will be meaningful not just on Patriot Day  but  beyond. History is  quite a good  teacher when one has  a willingness to learn from it.


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