NCIS – The Cartoon?

It’s less than 3 weeks till the beginning of season 8 for Gibbs and company. Seems like  a good time for some random thoughts. Many folks were quite fond of Kate Todd, played by Sasha Alexander and were sad to see her go, as was I. But Cote de Pablo has done agood job at filling that place and bringing some very different elements to the fore. Just in case you  had not noticed, Ms Alexander has resurfaced as the costar of a new series, along with Angie Harmon, called Rizzoli and Isles. Admittedly, I am not exactly sure which actress plays which role since I have not watched the program.

I did read an interview with Ms Alexander talking about her former series and her new one. She liked NCIS  although she inexplicably compared it to a cartoon. Didn’t get that comparison though. She added that she was looking forward to her new series since it had te chance to be an “edgier” show since it was non cable.

Anyway, a few wishes that I have for NCIS, as the new season approaches. If anyone is listening, get rid of M Allison Hart. I cannot express what an irritating character she has become. If Shane Brennan is looking fora new Gibbs love interest, Col. Hollis Mann would be better and I did not care for her either. Not sure if my next wish is remotely possible, but, Director Vance needs something in the way of, shall we say, humanity. He doesn’t have to be touchy-feely but he too is grating. Having said that, maybe he is what the writers want.

On a lighter note, a bit more insight into Tony and Abbey outside the office. We have seen where all  the other guys live and it seems time for  a peek inside the domestic side of these two, much as was  done with JAG.

Anticipating the premiere and what loose endss will be tied up and which will be unraveled.


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  1. This message does not go well with me! Why is this when the president or any politician can get on TV and say whatever they want even on the day of the election?

    Just got an email from Senator Burr of North Carolina that “Under Senate rules, Senators are not allowed to send out newsletters during the 60-day period prior to an election.”

    This does not make sense to this North Carolina voter, why shouldn’t our Senator be allow to let us know what is happening in Congress? What… say you?

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | September 3, 2010 | Reply

    • Never heard of this rule, but it doesn’t sound like anything good could come from it. Makes you wonder why the Senate just doesn’t do away with it. It wouldn’t be used to hide anything sneaky now would it?

      Comment by tarheeltalker | September 3, 2010 | Reply

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