Sometimes it’s Hard Being First Lady

The First Lady has finally returned from Spain, but the trip remains quite  a topic of conversation. Many, including yours truly, have sounded off on the trip to one degree or another. From what I read, the White House was really caught off guard by the criticism. But that in itself does not speak very well of the Administration’s political instincts.

To wit, consider these items. The First Lady filmed a commercial a couple of months ago that encouraged Americans to vacation  on the Gulf Coast. The area  is a wonderful place to visit and it would a real boon to the  hard hit economy. Secondly, the President, doing  a passable Jimmy Carter imitation has repeatedly spoken of the need for sacrifice. The economy is bad, we all to tighten our belts, etc, etc. Keep in mind  also the fact that appearances matter quite  a bit. Therefore, when Mrs Obama heads to Spain, daughter in tow and parties at a luxurious Mediterranean resort what is the message being sent? Is she entitled to  vacation with her daughter? Sure, but the pictures one saw of their time there had to be very had to juxtapose with a President demanding sacrifice and an American economy that is not recovering. Was all of the cost paid by the taxpayers, no, but much of it was and much more than a stateside vacation would have cost.

What is amusing, no, not amusing, actually hilarious is how hard the Democrats and their people are working to justify/spin the trip. Just listen to some of the explanations and rationales being offered up. From political guru David Axelrod comes  this. She wanted to take her daughter on  a trip to celebrate another little girl’s birthday and there aren’t a lot of places to go and get privacy. She’s a good mom and wanted to do something with her daughter. From DNC chair Tim Kaine  spouted the same stuff about being a good mom( sounded coordinated a little to me) and added it was a good opportunity to give her daughter exposure to a  part of the world with which she was not familiar. Even better was this ABC reporter Cokie Roberts who even found it necessary to criticize Jacqueline Kennedy  on the side for taking frivolous vacations. This next from her just floored me though. The trip was  a boost to the Spanish economy that it really needed. Ms Roberts, are you really that out of touch? You are aware of course of huge parts of this country that could use an economic boost if that is why she went. And finally this last rationale. Former Chicago Sun-Times writer Lynn Sweet said that the trip was that one of Mrs Obama’s friends was gong through a rough time emotionally and she had promised to spend time with her. Good freakin’ grief! What else can one say?


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