Creating Jobs- one at a time

Dr Margaret Mead

Unlike some folks I know, I have yet to have a job that I ” loved.” I have had jobs that I liked better than others and there is much that I like about my current occupation. As I begin to think about retirement in  a few years, I am considering the possibility of maybe  a little part-time work, just to have something to do. Having already eliminated greeter at Wal-Mart, I have been pondering other options and may have come up with something that I could ” love.”

As far as I know, this particular job does not exist so I am  sort of flying blind here on specifics but that will come  soon enough. But I do have a title and I have a couple of role models, the late Dr Margaret Mead and Dame Jane Goodall. Following in their footsteps, I propose the position of celebrity anthropologist. Dr Mead was known as  a cultural anthropologist so I believe that I am simply attempting to build on her work.

So, in this position I would endeavor to observe celebrities in their natural habitats as much as possible, without being obtrusive. No paparazzi stuff ! Of course, it would require some monitoring of their mating rituals, courtship and the like. Travel would be a big  job requirement as  their migratory patterns are very important. Social interaction between celebrities as well as interaction between them and those of other species would be necessary also. Of course, it would require study as to how they behave and why and how they adapt to change. Examples, when a movie flops or tv show is cancelled,etc. The best thing is that I would be creating a job, something the Obama Administration could celebrate. Perhaps  I would be eligible for stimulus money? Anything is possible.

Dame Jane Goodall


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  1. Looks to be the only way you could get stimulus money (if any is left) is if its a government job! Maybe we could work for ? cleaning up the gulf coast oil spill, but wait a second who would it be that pay us? The job could last for years! Obama might be kicking our _ss that wouldn’t be good! 🙂

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | June 15, 2010 | Reply

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