Spears to Lohan to Cyrus

It may not have the ring of Tinker to Evers to Chance who comprised 3/4 of the Cubs infield about  100 years ago but it certainly is an example for our day of  what?  Of excess, of too much money far too soon, of parental overkill of   three young women who have and are engaged in a great spectacle of  squandering their talents.

Their ages range from 28 to 24 to 17. Hard to believe since it seems that they have  been in the spotlight forever and in a sense they have. All three  started their careers at very young ages and became successful and wealthy very quickly. Nothing wrong with  that if, and it’s a very big if, they are in the right situations with the right people to  manage all that is swirling around them.

And, the right people may not necessarily be their parents. All three of these young women have had  heavy parental involvement in their careers, If fact, Ms Cyrus’ father was a star in his own right. With his direct involvement in her Hannah Montana  series, one would have thought her  more insulated from some of those things that have befallen Ms Spears and Ms Lohan.

Recent events seem to belie that hope as the photos and the music and the concert tours get ever more edgy and the Hannah Montana series comes to an end. An ongoing European tour has produced  a ” simulated” lesbian kiss on stage, just rockin’ out she calls it and  a flashing her underwear moment at a British show.

The mirror.co.uk had a very interesting statement at the end  of an article entitled ” Looks like the game may be up.”  This is what they said. ”  Hanging on to armies of loyal pre-pubescent fans ( and their moms I might add)  while dressing like  a porn  star  is  tricky business. Behaving like one suggests the game is up.”

For my money, I would prefer she not follow the path she seems to be following.  Two of her most prominent predecessors have not fared so well with the examples of drugs and booze and bizarre  behaviors almost too many to count. My hope is that her path will not head in that direction.


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