Taking the Plunge

I  guess that I would not qualify as  much of a collector. As a little person, I faithfully collected baseball cards for a while. i even reached the lofty status of over 500 hundred cards, which  I actually thought was a significant number. Big lol there, huh?  And I do have a horror story of sorts about their demise but it was completely self inflicted. Upon reaching the ripe old age of 15 or 16  i decided I was too old for such tomfoolery and threw them away. Only years later when I met a fellow who put his son through college by buying and selling said cards, did I realize the error of my ways.

Since that  ill-fated effort I have done little if any collecting, until now. As  I make mention of from time to time, I am a big fan of the late Robert B  Parker and in particular, his Spenser series of novels. There are  39 in print with a few more in the pipeline. I have read most of them and reread several. Finally, I decided to take the  plunge and begin to acquire my own collection. For now, I plan to eschew the online approach and instead make use of a delightful local resource.

We have in Elizabeth City an establishment known as  The Recycled Reader. It is  a small used book store that has been around since 1997. I have visited on occasion but not purchased prior to yesterday. Now, I find myself the happy owner of my first 3 Spenser novels. Welcome to  Cold Service, Potshot and  School Days with more to follow. Maybe there is something to that collecting thing after all!


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