Back to the Gulf

The Gulf  Coast is being inundated once again, but unlike Katrina from 2005, the culprit is oil and copious amounts of the stuff. The cleanup or more accurately, stopping the bleeding, is not going all that well. The party at fault, BP, maybe? They actually were the lessee of the oil rig that blew up, killing some 11  workers. At this stage, they are not actually admitting blame as the cause of the explosion is as yet undetermined. But, they have agreed  to pay damages, but as to whom and how much, who can actually say.

I must confess that I have thought about this disaster and the federal response as compared to that which occurred when Katrina wreaked havoc. Wait, just a minute, EPA head Lisa Jackson is not calling it a disaster or rather  a catastrophe but rather a “huge environmental challenge.” Glad we got that clarified.

So, what else is going on with the feds? Obama arrived on Sunday, some 11 days after the explosion and after Robert Gibbs said on Friday he would not be going this weekend. Hmmm!!  More Gibbspeak, this courtesy of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. We are going to keep the “boot on their throat,” in reference to the pressure on BP. Think for  a moment of what imagery that phrase brings to mind? Not a  very good one , I presume. Oh, the operative talking point coming from virtually every one from the federal government, including the President is day one. We have been on this from day one, in action from day one, mobilizing from day one, etc.

Don’t know about that. If it is the case, why have  staunch Obama allies including the New York Times, the Sierra Club and Bill Maher had such unflattering things to say? Maybe  they forgot  they weren’t criticizing Bush. Who knows?

There is  a line from the theme song to the television series, Monk, that says, ” hey, who’s in charge here? ” Sure hope someone is and Godspeed to their efforts.

PS: Hope you don’t own any stock in BP!


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  1. What a beautiful leak – twenty thousand barrels of lovely lube a day. I love the oily mass that bulges outwards from a bent pipe. A brown Rorschach blot of the automobile culture. A creamy dreamy brown chocolatey nougat for the wildlife to absorb. Living towels soon to be buried by trowels.

    An endless orgasm of brown to win the King’s crown. The ejaculate of Hell sent by the wind-whipped swell.

    My most fervent hope is that all efforts to stop and mitigate this masterwork are failures. The incontinent flow of hydrocarbons shall continue for the decay of all.

    I would love to see a sea of greasy Devil’s blood flowing into the ocean forever more. The spew that flew right on through.

    Then the World can move on into its next phase, the Dark Phase of death, decline and destruction. Soon, all the works of humans will decay and so too will themselves be brought to the altar of slaughter, to account for their crimes of existence.

    Comment by isochroma | May 4, 2010 | Reply

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