Really Not Our Business

The President and First Lady are probably back at the White House by now, having concluded their weekend getaway. They spent their weekend at the posh Grove Park Inn in Asheville, N C , joining a list of presidential guests  that began with William Howard Taft and most recently included Bill Clinton.

What kinda drew my attention is not their actual visit but things surrounding  said visit. No one is offering up any details about the visit. Neither the White House nor Grove Park spokeswoman Deborah Potter or anyone else  had any info to share. Just a weekend getaway sans children like a regular guy might do after some tough months at work. Or  so posits Dolly Jenkins-Mullen, chair of UNC-Asheville’s political science department Just so happens that this  regular guy’s choice of venue  offers rooms at a beginning price of $280 per night (offering a subdued view) and ranging up to $675 per night.

The other amusing thing I read was in an article talking of the many things the Asheville area has to offer. That article  referred to Asheville as  a southern town of  nearly 400,000. I haven”t been to Asheville in several years but I think that population figure is way out of line for even a Chamber of Commerce booster. Census figures from 2008 put the number at around 75,000. So to get a 5x multiplier effect wonder how many hundred miles one  might go and how much of Tennessee might be included? Just  a little tidbit of the sort I enjoy noticing.

Turns out that the White House did release a little info about  the trip  after all.  The President met with Billy Graham  and son Franklin today at Graham’s Montreat home. That pleases me since I have been a Graham guy( wouldn’t be appropriate to say fan) for many years and was privileged to hear him speak a number of years ago in Charlotte.

The meting apparently ws  somewhat cordial but had an interesting element for me. Graham’s son, Franklin, was at the meeting and brought up the recent Pentagon flap in which he was disinvited  from a May 6 National Day of Prayer service. Obama said he” would look into it.”  Wonder what those odds are,  slim and none, huh?


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  1. slim and none! LOL

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | April 26, 2010 | Reply

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