Oprah’s at it Again

The Oprah is on the move. A few months ago, she announced that the end was near for her daytime show. She announced  a couple of days ago the  show that will serve as the bridge to her new network, entitled( I know this will shock you) The Oprah Winfrey Network or  OWN. Gotta love  those call letters. Guess BHO was unavailable,huh?

Anyway, her nighttime show called , Oprah’s Next Chapter, will premiere next year. Billed as  sort of  a traveling talk show that  in her own words( pun  most definitely intended) ” I’ll do it anywhere, I’ll do it anytime, with anybody I want.” So, let me get this straight. She will interview anybody she chooses to interview ( with or without their permission?, shucks who wouldn’t want the Oprah to interview them) and at a time  and place of her choosing. That could prove quite interesting, could it not? She wouldn’t want to interview El Rushbo would she?

Ok, back to OWN. She spoke with media buyers Thursday at an event hosted by her partner, Discovery Communications. She assured those present that she would be appearing on the network herself as well a s being its guiding force. Since I missed the invite, I wasn’t privy to her description of the dozen or so shows that will help compose the network’s lineup. Since it will be a 24 hour network, there may be a need for a few more programs. Just happen to have a few suggestions.

  •  Bo Unplugged, True Adventures of the First Dog
  •  Gardening With Michele, Organic Style  Veggies Fresh From the White House lawn
  • Yes We Can !  ( you figure out that topic)
  • Rachel and Dr Phil- famous duets of the 50’s
  • Win Oprah’s Shoe Collection


Any other suggestions should go  to the offices of Harpo Productions. You’re welcome! Maybe there will even be a   Bill Clinton night. The possibilities just boggle the mind.


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