Into the Lions,”er” Foxes Den

The President made quite  an interesting choice of venues yesterday. In the midst of heavy-duty intrigue and maneuvering on Capitol  Hill regarding health care, he appeared on Fox News. A gutsy move, I would have to say, being interviewed by probably his least favorite media outlet, other than probably Rush or Glenn Beck. The host was Bret Baier and the interview was quite interesting,

There was some give and take that seemed a bit testy, almost reminiscent of Dan Rather’s questioning of Nixon many years ago.  A number of media outlets used the term contentious, some  called it challenging or combative. I wonder about the timing unless the idea was to reach  a large audience and  gamble that the President would get his message out on  his terms. Not sure that he accomplished that.

For one, he made another, shall we say, misstatement, akin to the 3,000% decrease in health insurance premiums statement , made in Ohio a day or so ago.(Press Secretary Gibbs called it a misstatement, saying the President meant $3,000, which HHS Secretary Sebelius also used,I doubt that figure also) Baier asked about some of the “deals” that were made to entice wavering Senators to vote yes. One was to Senator Landrieu and had become known as the Louisiana Purchase. In responding, Obama referenced Katrina and all the difficulties that ensued for Louisiana. Then inexplicably, he compared it to the earthquake that affected  Hawaii. Unbelievable, partly because he lived there . Fortunately, Hawaii has not been impacted by an earthquake in many years. A minor pont, sure, but it replicated his earlier error in Ohio and did not help his case.

One other thing from the interview that bugged me a bit. Baier referenced some 18,000 e-mails that he had received and began to read from one of them. The President quickly responded that he receives some 40,000 emails and letters  daily. Sounded like he was playing a  numbers game. ” I get more mail than you,” ha! Not a presidential statement. How about one more. “Whatever they end up voting on…it is going to be  a vote for or against my health care proposal.”  That sums it up rather well, don’t you think?


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  1. Lets hope Obama the dictator gets his message out because it only proves that he is driving our great country to a socialist European style government and we the people will hit back harder than ever in history come election day! It also proves that he could care less about the American people and what they want! November can not come soon enough,out with the crooks and in with a better congress!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | March 20, 2010 | Reply

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