In their own words

Today, we are privileged to hear the words of two of Hollywood’s leading actors. Both have been honored for their acting achievements, twice winning Best Actor Oscars. Both are somewhat to the left politically, which is  not at all uncommon in their industry. The estranged wife of one actor was actually the costar of the other in one of his Oscar-winning roles. And, both, albeit in a different manner, seem compelled to voice their views from time to time.

Shame, shame if you have not correctly identified Tom Hanks  and Sean Penn by now. Upfront, i will admit to enjoying  several of Hanks movies, although not lately. As for Mr Penn, not  so much.

So, what pearls do they share with us today ? One is political, one not so much. Hanks is a big Obama  supporter and had this to say today about the President;s performance.He id doing a spectacular job in the face of this insanity he said on MSNBC  today. Another Obama opinion, but first something he said about health care. This comment was framed in light of those who he sees as obstructing the progress of health care reform. To paraphrase, he referenced an un-named   member of Congress whose resistance is that kind of thing that would prevent a parent from being able to take their feverish child to the hospital. He does know that hospital er’s must  see a patient regardless of insurance? He knows that, right? 

Ok, the other Obama reference. “We have elected a wise, calm, man.”  Your opinion of that is your own.

Now, the angry Sean Penn. He is in Haiti, presumably at his own expense doing relief work.  Good for him, But that does not square up with he told CBS reporter Lara Logan. He was asked if his  work in Haiti is a n attempt to distract people from his high-profile divorce from Robin Wright Penn. I read this response several times and will probably watch “Sunday Morning” this weekend to hear it. He said he was too busy to pay much attention to his critics, but he had time for this phrase. “Do I hope that those people die screaming of  rectal cancer?” Yeah, but I’m not going to spend a lot of energy on it.” Wonder what tortuous fate he would wished for had he given it some thought? Good freakin’ grief!!

So, folks, there you have it. Two of  Hollywood’s finest.


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