What in the name of Emily Post is Happening

I will never be accused of having a great sense of fashion. I don’t  know why. I still think that light blue and white is  always  a great color combination. But there are apparently trends in the world of fashion of which I am unaware that are  far more significant than my favorite color scheme.

I speak of the trend towards sleeveless dresses in the winter. This, according to my wife, is not  anew thing. But, since Obama’s election and his wife’s proclivity for this style, the trend d has rapidly accelerated. Apparently, temperatures and seasons are not a factor. Articles have abounded on te First Lady’s style of choice, sleeveless, sleeveless etc-some 4 times in a week. Even her official White House portrait stays true to form.

Should we care? Shucks, I don’t know. But how does one stay warm in mid winter  unless the heat is kept at a high enough level. As I read on another blog recently, i just cannot afford to keep my  home that warm, even if my wife  wanted to follow the trend;not with my latest heating oil purchase at $3.12 per gallon. Wait, I forgot, it is  all about image, the new glamour couple  etc ,etc.

Apparently the news and entertainment shows got the memo. Their anchors follow the trend as well. Guess I am swimming upstream. Suppose I should  just put on a sweatshirt and deal with it. Still, I bet Emily Post would not be in favor!


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