What in the World

Just recently, I have reconnected with World magazine after an absence of  awhile. The magazine has changed its frequency and format but not who it is. Take a look sometime and see what you think.

In my just received first issue and  found a delightful section named The Buzz/Quick Takes.Quick Takes is  a portion of The Buzz that has a number of pithy articles that seem to have a somewhat quirky perspective on things. I do love quirky perspectives.

Just wanted to share one from the United Kingdom which is somewhat well known known for quirky things. We are all familiar with laws against job discrimination based on race, age or sexual orientation. Used well, these are good things. ( However as a member of the older set, I am convinced that age bias is alive and well.)

Seems that the British have a government employment agency known as Jobcentre Plus which is  apart of the Department for  Work and Pensions( funny sounding title, that)  which is the country’s biggest public service delivery department.

Seems that an individual named Nicole Marmo, presumably an employer, submitted an ad to Jobcentre in an attempt to hire employees for cleaning positions. Her ad specified only “reliable” and ” hard working” employees. Wonder of wonders, the ad was refused because it was discriminatory against unreliable people.

So, after all this time, I finally learn that the unreliable and lazy employee  or potential  employee has a voice. Wonder if Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis has heard about this? We can only hope not.


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