Obama, Carter and James Buchanan

James Buchanan? Yep, the 15th president of these  United States, known for  little more today than being Lincoln’s predecessor and dithering his way through a  sorta  lame 4 year term as the country hurtled towards Civil War. So, what about the linking of these three? The first two have been widely connected by many,including yours truly. I had not seen a link to Buchanan until today.

The article is by David Reilly in Bloomberg and it is just fascinating. Even the title is great.Man up, Obama or Make Way for President Palin. That is also the first time for that last phrase, but I digress. In the interest of full disclosure, financial blogger Eric Salzman made the Buchanan comparison.

One more log on the  fire of criticism. former Virginia governor Douglas  Wilder thinks Obama needs to fire some people, including DNC Chair Time Kaine, also a former Virginia governor. Wilder also thinks a number of the Chicago people need to go. No names, but think Emanuel, Jarrett and Axelrod. What Wilder neglects  to mention is that the President himself is one  of the Chicago people. Alas, yet another digression.

Back on topic for a moment. Reilly even suggests Obama could draw some inspiration in dealing with things from, gasp!!, Richard Nixon, George Bush and even Dick Cheney.

Specifically, learn from Clinton (veto) , don;t fear the banks and clean house; parroting Wilder a bit, bye-bye Emanuel ,Geithner and Summers among others.

In so many words, he tells the President get tough or ……………

I thought it was a great article and will doubtless be ignored.


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  1. The laughable thing is Obama is worst than Carter! And at least we know for a fact Carter was a citizen of the United States! We don’t know what country Obama is a citizen of, but we will once he’s unseated!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | February 13, 2010 | Reply

  2. Third party stupidity always has its sources in the media, both LMS and right-wing. They are the only ones babbling about it. Tea partiers do not have this in their ideas. All they want is smaller governance, lower taxes, sharper security for the country and an adherence to the Constitution. The medias job is to drive people all crazy about anything and always missing the point. How many times must Sarah say to the rest of you 3rd political party crusade types that this is not a political party? Right this red hot minute, those principles really exist in the Republican Party platform. Not so much in the Democrats. Its becoming quite boring for Sarah to have to carry on stating to the mass media what she says and thinks. She invariably says what she thinks and means what she tells. This is not a huge secret. There are way too many individuals that call themselves journalists that have comprehension problems.

    Comment by Joan Rocher | February 18, 2010 | Reply

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