Biden on Iraq

Some quite interesting comments today from vice-president Joe Biden. First, a bit of history using Biden’s own words. This from September 9, 2007 in response to  a positive assessment of the Iraq situation by Gen David Petraeous. Any security or tactical gains that have been made have no bearing  on a stable  government existing in Iraq. Prior to that date, Biden had even opposed the troop surge that Bush announced. Biden said that the surge would actually make things worse and not better. Besides, he said, no one thought the surge would work except Petraeus. In fact, Biden went on to say  that even 100,00 more troops would not help. This mirrors what his fellow senator Barack Obama said.

We cannot impose a military solution in Iraq and no military expert that I have spoken to thinks it is possible. That was in January, 2007. By February, 2009 Obama had changed his tune and was applauding the military gains and the reduction in violence.

Ok, now to Biden on Larry King. Last night he strongly suggested that some 90,000 troops would be coming home by the end of the summer and that Iraq would be one of the greatest achievements of the Obama administration. .

Today, an intrepid reporter questioned Press Secretary Gibbs about that statement. What made the question even cooler is that he  included the qualifiers that Obama opposed the surge and that Biden wanted to divide the country into 3 sectarian units. Unbelievable response from Gibbs. I don’t know how  he said this with a straight face. Gibbs first said that the achievement would  be  getting the troops home. The reporter countered with the comment that said agreement to carry out this was  signed before Obama took  office. Gibbs responds with this quote that is freaking unbelievable. ” The vice-president been deeply involved  in fixing the political process there so that elections can be held and our troops can, uhhh, come home as scheduled, uh, this  summer.” So, now we learn that Biden fixed Iraq. What an amazing guy. That is what has been doing when he travels to Iraq.

What may be the scariest thing  of all is if Obama and Biden,et al actually believe this stuff. And maybe Iraq will be” their” greatest achievement, except it won’t even be their achievement. Truly amazing. As a fellow blogger likes to say, ” good freakin grief!”


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  2. The democrats are running scare of the November elections and trying to brain wash the American people into thinking that Its President G.W. Bush fault on all the issues that Obama has failed on and Obama and Biden is the greatest two men on Earth. I have news for those two! G.W. Bush started being missed by many Americans now that we can see that Barack Obama is a misfit! Tarheeltalker, don’t forget that G.W. Bush gave Obama the plans on how to finish the war in Iraq as he was leaving Washington and from what I have read Obama asked G.W. Bush for those plans! Obama must have forgot, his earlier in life drug use has fogged his memory. What you think!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | February 12, 2010 | Reply

    • Yep, so their greatest accomplishment will be one that isn’t even their own but rather a result of things that Bush did! Surely they will pass along some credit to Bush. Yeah, right!

      Comment by tarheeltalker | February 12, 2010 | Reply

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