Washington Style Jeopardy

My apologies to Alex Trebek and the real  Jeopardy which is a show I watch from time to time and try, with mixed success, to keep up with thecontestants.If you have seen the show you are familiar with the premise.  A category is listed that provides answers to questions. The contestants attempt to give the correct response  in the form of a question.

So, here we go with  a few questions for you to consider. Hint, the  answers are somewhat political .

  1. The President did  a phenomenal job his first year in office.
  2. My children are fat.
  3. My children are and always will be, perfect in every way.

Question, give up ? Of course, it is Michele Obama. The first statement was made to ABC’s Robin Roberts. Numbers two and three were made in the context of publicity for the First Lady’s  highly touted childhood obesity campaign.

Speaking of that, please do not let this become yet another crusade against the fast food industry , who, with its highly advanced advertising campaigns and devious mind control forces people to eat pizza, burgers and fries every meal. Thank you!

Besides, I though hungry in America was a greater problem than obesity. Or, can we somehow have both?

Bonus points question or answer,as it were.

algore’s new blobal warming buddy.

Who is Osama bin Laden? Correct!!


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  2. I’m sure that the Obamas’ and the democrats will used which ever way that help their socialist agenda. Obesity out one side of mouth and hungry in America out the other side.
    Only ones that I see going hungry in America is those that have choosen on their own never to have anything and let the people provide a life for them. Hobos become hobos because they want to live that way, drunks and drug users living the life they want, street kids the same, living the life they want and none of these people would work for a living while the people feed them! Tell me I’m hard with no feelings and you may be right, but I had to work for what I have where as these hobos and drunks has not! I say to them get a job!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | February 11, 2010 | Reply

  3. Remember this post I made awhile back!

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  5. Read an article today about the First Lady’s new healthy eating plans for schools. Local officials think it is good but how will they afford the extra costs, especially since the stimulus $ is about gone.Your January post was quite prophetic!

    Comment by tarheeltalker | February 15, 2010 | Reply

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