Time for Equal Time

Never let it be said that there is a lack of balance here. In the interest of fairness, I present the Senate version of the biggest jerk in Congress. He, like Alan Grayson, is  in his first term. He won election by a margin so narrow that it reminds one of  the “Landslide Lyndon’s ” first election to Congress way back in  1937 as  a Texas congressman. This senator won by an even narrower margin in an election that seemed to take forever until Norm Coleman saw the handwriting on the wall.

Yep, our good friend and former Air America star, Al Franken is   our choice if you want a Grayson alternative. After stating his intentions to keep a low profile, it took Franken very little time to change gears into combative mode.

How about a few examples. It is interesting to note that unlike Grayson, Franken will attack regardless of party affiliation. Just ask David Axelrod who was on the receiving end of a Franken tirade in a closed-door Democrat session about the health care bill.

This just further established big Al as one of the most aggressive senators on the Hill. In November he lashed out at Republican senators Lamar Alexander  and Bob Corker who  co authored an op-ed  defending their opposition to a Franken amendment. He went so far as to confront his colleagues on the floor of the Senate. Shades of Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson  from days gone by. He also  clashed with South Dakota Sen John Thune in what was described as  a scathing debate.

And just a few weeks ago, Franken literally hushed Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman  in the midst of  his comments. Some might think this amusing and I almost do on some level. Here is  a guy who barely won election and truth be told maybe did not win; has no  real credibility or seniorityand  was hardly even a Minnesota resident when his campaign began. This from the state of Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale and Eugene McCarthy. How things have turned.

Guess what Minnesota voters? Both you and the Senate are stuck with him for an entire term. Thanks  a lot.


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