Did He Win or Did She Lose?

Of course, the he is Senator-elect Scott Brown, R, Ma and the she is Martha Coakley. The obvious answer is yes to both questions since Brown won the election. But in politics, the obvious answer is not always the correct answer. So, what might we discover when we look a bit further.

On the Democrat side of the equation, the game could well be  the Blame Game. But who does  one blame . The Coakley campaign blames the Obama administration’s health care bill and its perceived failures  regarding the attempted terrorist bombing on Christmas Day. The administration on the other hand says Coakley ran a poor campaign. So, wherein lies the truth?

Hard to say that voter unhappiness over health care reform was not a factor. But, Coakley was ( rightly so, I think) perceived as being in favor of that effort and a guaranteed 60th vote. So which side was more accurate with their blame? Believe i shall go with the Obama folks on this one. With Massachusetts such a reliably Democratic state, her nomination was tantamount to election, right?( The last Republican senator in the Bay State was elected some 43 years ago and he was Edward Brooke. )My wife heard an interesting comment attributed to Coakley. You mean I have to stand outside shaking hands in this weather? Slight paraphrase. I think that she was in trouble before she realized it and then called the Axelrod cavalry  too late. ( He did actually pay Brown a compliment for running a smart campaign.)

As for Brown, he says the election was not a referendumon Obama. But don’t you know that both parties will study this campaign til the cows come home, from wherever it is that they go.

Brief summary- voter angst- and it spells trouble for incumbents or for  any candidate who is  perceived-rightly or wrongly- as not in tune with the voters. Should make for an interesting political season.

Welcome to the Senate, Mr Brown. The fun has just begun!

Footnote: This particular seat has been held by a Democrat for 57 years, was occupied by Henry Cabot Lodge before that.


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  2. Good question Tarheeltalker, I would say the biggest loser was Barack Obama himself. He has put himself in three elections lately including the Massachusetts one and lost all of them. I been saying for months that the democrats come election day will not have much of a Obama coat tail to hang onto! Yes that’s it, Obama lost!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | January 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Of course his people cannot admit that he lost so it had to be her fault-lol.

      Comment by tarheeltalker | January 21, 2010 | Reply

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