Salt, Marijuana and Heroin

Wondering which one does not belong in the list? Sorry, they all do and that is the problem, for me, at least. Let us begin in order with old friend, sodium chloride. As a child, I was an inveterate salt user, the more the better. As time went on, Mrs THT and I , on our own with no government impetus, began to reduce our salt intake. In fact, we rarely use it anymore. For those who make such a decision, more power to them.

But today, government just has to help us do those things since we cannot do it alone. So, much as rush predicted the city of New York, through its Public Health Department is on the attack against the evil condiment. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pushing a plan to lower the salt content in restaurant foods by 25% and even links the dangers of salt with the  dangers of asbestos. Can’t say I saw that one coming. Think that voluntary cutbacks will be the end of this, think again. Or, better yet, just remember the camel’s nose under the  tent analogy.

For item# 2 we head to the left coast, where Arnold is dealing with  a massive budget deficit. So, suppose it is coincidence that there is  a talk about legalizing marijuana. ( NCIS fans have learned from Gibbs not to believe in coincidences.) Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, Democrat from San Francisco (what a shock) has introduced a bill to legalize the weed and the state’s public safety committee has approved it. Even the sponsor does not expect passage but does look for the  measure on the ballot in November. Studies indicate the state could make as much as a  billion dollars annually on taxes, fees ,etc. And public sentiment in favor is running better than 80%. Seems that it is just a matter of time.

On to #3.  Seems that the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has published some 70,000 copies of a pamphlet entitled “Take Charge, Take Care.” the booklet is  aimed at heroin users, offering information on how to prepare drugs carefully and  to care for veins so a sto prevent infection. Assistant Commissioner Daliah Heller  says the goal is to promote health and save lives. DEA  special agent-in-charge John  Gilbride calls the handout disturbing. I’m with you Mr Gilbride.

In a gross oversimplification it seems that if you like heroin but not salt, New York City is  a good option. As for the marijuana, no comment necessary. Regulate salt, wonder what follows?


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  1. These subjects except for salt Barack Obama knows them well from what he said in the past about using drugs!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | January 14, 2010 | Reply

    • Shucks, it’s almost a badge of honor to say for politicians to say they they used marijuana. The administration already softpedals enforcement of marijuana laws so they probably like what California is working on.

      Comment by Tarheeltalker | January 14, 2010 | Reply

      • I would have to agree with you that Obama and his administration tries to petal drugs…didn’t they know that people are busted for drugs everyday! LOL

        Comment by goodtimepolitics | January 14, 2010

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