Hawaii Is Where it’s At or it Was

The 50th state has been quite  a busy place the past several days. The Obamas have been enjoying  themselves  watching Avatar, playing golf  and just chilling out except when those nasty terrorists loused it up. And, oh yeah, Limbaugh was on the island at the same time. Must have been another Secret Service  snafu.

Speaking of Rush, he incurred some rather severe chest pains and had to be hospitalized for several days. Fortunately, he has recuperated and will be  back on the radio on Wednesday, January 6. It has been quite interesting to observe the reaction to his illness; from the liberal  perspective. It should surprise me, but alas, it does not. Just remember quotes from days gone by  wishing for his untimely demise.

I followed a link on Sister Toldjah yesterday that showed a sampling of the Twitter stuff floating around that was, shall we say, less than complimentary. Today, I read a list of tweets from film critic  Roger Ebert, that expressed the same sentiments. Methinks  Roger should stay with movies.

There was  a gret post  on TOTUS  on December 31 entitled Rush to Judgement about a hypothetical (?) look at how the president responded when advised of Rush’s illness.

Anyway, the Prez is back in Washington, so watch out Iran and all the enemies of healthcare reform, cause Obama is raring to go.  And  just think, he hasn’t even been in office  for a complete year.


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  2. Roger Ebert has issued a sincere(his word) apology for his nasty comments about Rush.Wonder why?

    Comment by Tarheeltalker | January 5, 2010 | Reply

    • Now Ebert thinks Rush should be”horse-whipped” for something he implied about Obama. Knew he did not mean that apology!

      Comment by tarheeltalker | January 16, 2010 | Reply

  3. It might have been in Hawaii but the voters have brought the heat down on Washington D.C.!

    It could be that Ebert knows that Rush is back on that mike and has alot of viewers! What you think?

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | January 7, 2010 | Reply

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  5. Bet he really did not mean that apology, just caught heat from Rush fans! Wonder why Obama didn’t pay Rush a hospital visit?

    Comment by tarheeltalker | January 7, 2010 | Reply

  6. Obama afraid he might become a conservative, thinks he could catch it from Rush!

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | January 11, 2010 | Reply

  7. Wouldn’t that be great and even Obamacare could not help him then. lol

    Comment by Tarheeltalker | January 11, 2010 | Reply

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