The Hallelujah of Choruses

During the Christmas season, I am always reminded of what  a wonderful blessing we have in music. As with  most people, I have my favorites. But there is  one Christmas song that seems to belong on an entirely different level. I am not musically literate enough to use the proper terminology so I will resort to describing it as a layman. The song is “The Hallelujah Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah.

My wife, the musically talented part of us has sung the entire Messiah on occasion and has tried to describe for me its difficulty and its majesty. The majesty part, i think i get. She and I attended a concert by the Albemarle Chorale this past Sunday  which closed with the chorus. For me, an okay evening of music was again transformed by their presentation. I have heard it don ea number of times, perhaps  my favorite was   in Columbus, Ga at First Baptist Church which was our church at that time. Some twenty plus years later, it remains for me a special musical memory.

Don’t know if it is the music or the words that leap directly  from the pages of the Bible (Isaiah, if you want to look it up) or the music  or knowing that  King George II was so moved that he may or may not have stood when it he first heard it. Audiences still stand though.

The Messiah was written in 1741-42 and first performed in Dublin in 1742 and I am thankful that it has endured to bring a touch of majesty to each Christmas season.

So, some time during your Christmas celebration, find a recording of the Chorus and enjoy!



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