It Was all True or at Least Most of it was

Every day seems to bring another batch or rumor/innuendo/fact about Tiger Woods and his heretofore secret life. Some are appalled(Jasper Parnevik, who introduced Woods and his wife), some are saying it makes him more human- Joy Behar. The tabloids and the celebrity magazines; People, Us and others are seeing a gold mine, at least short-term.

There are screaming headlines about how much $ a divorce could cost. Once again, a sports icon has proven to have overestimated his immunity from scrutiny. It happened to Jordan, to Kobe Bryant and to others. Bob Molinaro wrote  a good column in today’s Virginian-Pilot newspaper about what has transpired. One thing in particular struck him. For a while, the bad publicity will hound Woods and he may even lose some  endorsement contracts. After a while, he will return to the PGA  Tour, perhaps withing  a month or so. He will sooner or later play well and will inevitably win again, perhaps even a major tournament. And, sooner than we might think all will be forgotten.

Should he be forgiven for what he calls his transgressions? That should probably be left between he and his wife. But I sure hope he learns some vitally needed lessons and that maybe someone else in his  shoes can benefit enough to not repeat this same sad story.


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  1. Its funny how bad or good publicity turns out to make money or make a bigger name for these types of people! If there was someone that didn’t know who Woods is, they will now! 🙂

    Comment by goodtimepolitics | December 7, 2009 | Reply

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