The New Most Powerful Cabinet Officer

Move over Hilary, forget it Gates, a new sheriff is on the way. Her name, Kathleen  Sebilius. One of the by products, by design or not, who knows, will give the HHS secretary quite  a bit more clout than she now possesses.

Traditionally, the HHS Secretary is not headed by  a  household name, either when their term begins or when they are done. Try naming the most famous or notable occupant of the position. Not easy is it? How about even naming her predecessor? It was Utah’s own Moon Landrieu. Probably the office’s most celebrated occupant harks back to when it was  Health, Education and Welfare. That would be our friend Jack Kemp.

But, if the health care bill lurching along through the Senate becomes law, Secretary Sebilius is poised not only to become very well-known but also significantly more  influential than she now is.

According to an article in the Washington Examiner by Susan Ferrechio, HHS would become  a “giant”  federal powerhouse.  Devon Herrick is  a health care expert at the National center for Policy Analysis. He says that there are almost 1,700 (1,697) times in the bill when the  when the HHS secretary is given leeway to create, define or determine things in the bill. Seems  that HHS will have quite a bit of wiggle room to interpret things in the bill. He cites an example or two. One of the biggies, perhaps the biggest, gives HHS the authority to regulate insurance, currently  a state function.  The feds  would no doubt  perform all sort of wondrous things to improve  the insurance  system or maybe just regulate it death. Who really knows?  Here  is  another. HHS would be empowered to create a Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation  which could  make cost savings cuts on its own without the approval of Congress. Sounds just peachy. This is just one of a potentially large number of new government agencies that are likely  to arise. And remember, this bill  is revenue neutral. Riiight!!

I have got to wonder if Hilary maybe  would  be  interested in a do over on this Cabinet position stuff. She would have a lot more power as HHS secretary than she now has. Besides, I seem to remember that health care reform was once her bailiwick.


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  1. Obama is now having his campaign logo put on school supplies in Missouri. This man thinks he’s the greatest person on Earth. I don’t think he’s a good example for our children or for his own race! He has lied about everything and has not kept any of his campaign promises to this day. Can anyone tell me just one dead line that he has kept?


    Comment by goodtimepolitics | December 8, 2009 | Reply

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