I’m Glad I’m Not Famous

Years and years ago, one  of my favorite cartoons was Rocky and Bullwinkle. By today’s standards, the animation was not so good and perhaps the” plots” left  a bit to be desired. But the irony was rich and it was enjoyable to watch.  One of the common features of the show was to title  an episode and then to give it a second title  with a bit of  a twist . That is my intent with the following. ….Or, “Being Top Dog Isn’t Always  As Good As  You Think  It Is.”

In this case, we speak of Tiger Woods, who is definitely famous but is probably wishing  for just a bit of anonymity right about now. Less than 5 hours after an early morning traffic accident or something, the internet was literally rampant with theory, speculation and just about all the salacious stuff one  could imagine.

I  know, I know, it may be  true. Perhaps he  and his wife are having issues and maybe there will be  a lot more juicy stuff to surface in the next few days. But, I sincerely hope not. I would like to believe that the incident was nothing more than  a traffic accident and  a minor one  at that. I recall that I  was in disbelief when the rumors surfaced about trouble in Michael Jordan’s marriage. In that case, the rumors were all too true, but I still regretted it for the entire  Jordan family.

Historically, Tiger Woods’ personal life has been remarkably personal, considering his stature as one of the world’s most famous athletes. Got  a bad feeling that his privacy is turning into quicksand and very quickly at that.

Reports are that he  and his wife will speak with the authorities tomorrow. This fan hopes for the best while  anticipating  something less.


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