Buy That Big Screen Television Quickly

I’m not a big television viewer. Generally,my television viewing could be described as NCIS, The Penguins of Madagascar, a potpourri of sporting events with an episode of Criminal Minds  here and there. Oh and reruns of JAG and Walker, Texas, Ranger. But, for those inclined to watch  a bit more often, have I got  a show for  you.

However, to get the full benefit of this  ABC special, airing on December 13, it is absolutely imperative that one   has  a big screen set. If ever there were a program geared for big screen, high-definition, this is it. There are no actors, per se, on this  special. And, one of the biggest stars of the program is  a house, the White House. What it is, is “Christmas at the White House, An Oprah Primetime Special.” You know  someone is  a really big media star when Christmas and the White House both get to share a title with them.

Anyway, the program will feature a tour  of the House, a conversation with the  Obamas, a behind the scenes  look at decorating the House and an interview with the President. Among the interesting facets of this event are the fact that Oprah rarely does  such specials and been virtually  invisible vis-a-vis the First Family since the election. And during the election, she was quite visible, as you will remember.

So, since  Oprah did not even attend the first state dinner, featuring the Prime Minister of India, Manmahon Singh, they will have many things to discuss. Example: How  did that Palin interview go and did you really read her book? Oprah could counter with a question about job openings in the Administration and how is it being  a Senator from Illinois? I might like to try that before running for a higher office. Good thing this show will be televised from  a large facility. Don’t know if she and Michele could co-exist in closed quarters.

So, remember, Sunday, December 10 at 10:00 pm on ABC.  Your celebration of the season will be incomplete  if you miss it. ( You think Gayle King filled Oprah in on the state dinner happenings?)



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