Do We Still Have a Vice-president ?

I was beginning to worry just  a bit since I had not heard anything from  the 47th occupant of that lofty office in a while. But as if on cue, up pops two examples of  the Biden factor. One can be characterized as political while the other is a bit harder to define. It isn’t really thuggish behavior but overly boorish and sort of amusing.

First, the political. As is possibly the case with many leading Democrats, the 2010 elections are on Biden’s mind. At this point, he is not as confident a she would like to be. His comments are from a fundraiser held on  September  21 in Greenville, De for Arizona Rep Gabrielle Giffords. A fundraiser held in Delaware for a member of Congress from Arizona. Gotta love politics. Anyway, Biden made reference to House seats currently held by Democrats but in traditional Republican districts. He said that  a loss of 35 of such seats wold doom the president’s agenda. Or in his words, “be the end of the road for what Barack and I  are trying to do.” He went on to say that the retention of those seats would bring in a real era of bipartisanship. It would  then embolden  Republicans to move away from party dictates and vote their convictions, i.e., the Administration’s way. Sorry, Mr Vice-president, you lost me there. (Biden’s comments were reported by ABC  White House reporter Karen Travers.) Depending on who is counting and what time period is used, average mid-term House losses  are around 25 seats.

Biden plays golf. Newsworthy, not unless he plays with Tiger Woods, you  might say. Well, he didn’t, but it still is and amusing as well. it happened in Las Vegas, how appropriate is that. The members only club in question is The Golf Club at South Shore and it took place a week ago today.

It seems the Mr Biden was in town for  a fund-raiser for Rep Dana Titus, D, Nv and wanted to get in a round on the links. The call  came in early Sunday morning from a Biden staffer and the PGA pro running the pro shop declined, citing the  club’s membership policy. Gotta wonder if he still has a job? Not to be deterred, another call came in and  theses words ensued,”you know the vice president would really like to play.” (Know what I mean?) Apparently the connection worked and the club reversed its decision, said membership director Mark Barrett. Biden and his people arrived about 11:00 am, played 17 holes and left. He does know that around consists of 18 holes, right?

Afterwards, Barrett could laugh about it saying it gave the club a boost of needed publicity during  a time when it could really use it. Suppose that Biden left one those economic stimulus at work signs? His score, who knows. Doesn’t what happen in Vegas stay in Vegas?


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