The Go To Jail Card?

Most of us have played  Monopoly, either as children or as parents with our children. I usually enjoyed it, win or lose; more so when winning. So, we all know how it works. Roll the dice, move your game piece and act accordingly. Two of the spaces upon which one can land are Chance and Community Chest. At that point, a randomly drawn card would determine happened next. One of the ;least favorite cards to draw was the “Go to Jail” card. You know, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

We  may be on the verge of a real life go to jail card, except it will be caused not by  a roll of the dice, but a failure to buy something. Hint, Nancy Pelosi is involved.  Wonder what on earth could be so necessary to but that a failure to purchase said item  would send one to jail? Ta da, it is health insurance. Don’t think so. peruse this question and answer between the Speaker and reporter. By the way, Mr Stone is a reporter for ABC affiliate, KOMO, Channel 4, in Seattle.

He asked this question of Ms Pelosi.” Do you think it’s fair to send people to jail for not buying health insurance? ” Straightforward question that somehow got a convoluted answer. She began talking about something she called uncompensated care and went on to say that we all have to do our part. That is what the bill says. Bless his heart, Mr Stone tried again. “But Madame Speaker, I’m just trying to understand. If you don’t buy health insurance, you go to jail? You didn’t answer my question.” Madame Speaker tries again.”There -there is, uh, uh,-there is- I think the legislation is very clear in this respect.

The President, in an interview with ABC correspondent Jake Tapper, sort of downplayed the issue of jail time by saying it was not the main question facing the House and Senate. He did endorse some sort of unnamed penalties.

What is really funny, scary funny is this. Shortly after the press conference, the Speaker appeared to back track, just a bit. Her e-mail to Mr Stone  indicated th eliklihood of criminal prosecution is very small, similar to the odds of getting an IRS audit. Feel better now? Thought so.


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