The Tragedy at Fort Hood

Thus far, there are 13 confirmed deaths,one civilian and 12 military.The alleged shooter is himself  one of the wounded. As we all have heard by now , this alleged shooter is Army major Nidal Malik Hasan, a military psychiatrist. There are also a number of other  wounded, whose fate is still uncertain.

At this point, there are probably hundreds of unanswered questions and theories beyond measure. I have listened to some news coverage and am nothing if  not more confused. I have heard numerous relatives of Major Hasn interviewed, some relatively close, some not so much. Opinions have ranged from him being almost incapable of such action to shock and disbelief and horror.

I will join the Chicago media at being disappointed with the President’s responses. I saw  a video of  a previously scheduled news conference in which his response, coming over a minute into the five minute session was somehow lacking. I could very well be wrong but it seemed devoid of emotion and depth of feeling. This is a moment in which we crave leadership from our President. The Ft Hood community is grieving as is the army ( a kick in the gut it was called) and particularly the families of those killed and injured.

Reagan made  a memorable statement that I still remember when he spoke of the Challenger astronauts slipping the surly bonds of earth and touching the face of God.Of course, nothing brings back those who are gone and there will be  along and painful search for the whys. Beyond saying that we should not jump to conclusions and blame all Muslims, which is true, he has left me lacking.

One final thought. I have  a friend who was  stationed at Ft Hood and has close friends who are still there. The pain is very real  and widespread, We do well to pray for those whose lives will never be the same. While you are at it, say a prayer of thanksgiving for the brave officer who stopped the rampage, Sgt Kimberly Munley. Many  owe her their lives.


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